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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I integrate these APIs through Nubentos instead of going directly to their providers?

Integrating the Digital Health APIs through the Nubentos API Store simplifies your life as an integrator and developer of Healthcare software, and allows you to constantly save costs.

You save yourself from searching for solutions, contacting the provider, adapting to different technologies, SDKs or cost models, saving license costs, and allowing you to discover solutions that you might never otherwise discover.

You unify your environment and your integration tools, optimize development time and costs, you can test APIs without time limits and compare different providers in a single environment without developing any code.

You can monitor the use of your integrations to optimize your costs. Using Nubentos as your integration channel for Digital Health only has advantages.

How can I use the APIs in the catalog?

Using the APIs of the Nubentos API Store is very simple. You only need a registered user to be able to subscribe to any of the consumption plans published by each API. Each subscription is associated with an Application, which allows you to manage the subscription resources such as tokens and access keys. Once you have subscribed to an API consumption plan, you can now interact with it from our online console, and integrate it into your projects.

Do Nubentos user plans allow me to use the APIs?

Nubentos user plans allow you to have a registered user in the Nubentos API Store, and thus be able to access the different API consumption plans and all the tools that we put at your disposal to manage, test and integrate the APIs in your projects. To use an API, you must also subscribe to one of their consumption plans. You will find them of all kinds: free, freemium or paid.

Is the user fee a minimum consumption quota of the APIs?

In Nubentos there is no minimum consumption quota. The Nubentos cost model has two parts. On the one hand, having a registered user in the Nubentos API Store implies the monthly or annual fee that you hire when you register. With that registered user you can now access and test the APIs of the catalog without time limit, and integrate them into your projects. You can use the sandbox keys of the APIs at no additional cost. When your projects go live and your users start using them, and therefore use the production tokens of your subscriptions, your monthly bill will include the consumption made by your end users of the new functionalities that you have integrated through Nubentos.

Can I change my user plan even if I already have active API subscriptions?

You can always change your user plan in Nubentos, as well as from monthly to annual or vice versa.

Can I change the consumption plan in an API?

You can always change your consumption plan, just select another of the plans published with the API and that new plan will become your active consumption plan, whose rates and conditions will be applied to you when your end users use your integration.

Who supports me in the use of the APIs?

We support you in the use of the API Store, and the provider of each API supports you in the use of their APIs. Each API publishes its documentation in the corresponding documentation tab, and the provider’s contact information, where you can go if you need help with the API.

I want to integrate an API using a standard interface, but I can't find it, how can I do it?

Simply contact us and tell us your need. The standard HL7® interfaces will be developed as our clients request it, and they imply a commitment that they will be integrated within a maximum period of 1 year from when we provide you with the interface design. As soon as we agree on the development, we will work with the vendors to offer you the solution through our standard interface.

How much does it cost me to integrate your standard interfaces instead of the APIs of each provider?

There is no extra cost for our clients for choosing to integrate a Digital Health solution using our standard interfaces instead of the API published by the provider in the Nubentos API Store. But you must bear in mind that not all of our user plans give you the option of integrating our standard interfaces, so you must make sure that you have signed up in the appropriate plan.


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