Available in the Nubentos catalogue: Vademecum, the most complete online guide to medicines.

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Even without being a new addition to the Nubentos catalogue of essential innovations, today we want to dedicate this publication to one of the APIs most demanded by our users: ViDAL Vademecum, the smart vademecum to help the prescription system and the dispensation of medicines.

Vademecum as a tool for the prescription of medicines

This ViDAL solution offers users in each country access to a global guide to medicines, with the possibility of searching by brand name, generic name, active ingredient, DCP code, indication or ATC class in more than 45 countries. It also allows the identification of international brand equivalents.

In addition, Vademecum is officially recognised by the Ministry of Health as a valid medium to include advertisements for prescription medicines or pharmaceutical specialities aimed at healthcare professionals. It is one of the few solutions that currently has CE certification.

As Serge Winther and Manuel Júlbez told us in an interview at the beginning of our journey together: “The information handled by ViDAL Vademecum is provided by official sources from the main drug regulatory agencies worldwide, in order to provide secure information adapted to the local pharmacological products that health professionals access in their daily practice“.

Medical prescription as part of a patient’s treatment is an extremely important and delicate process. At Nubentos we want to ensure that healthcare professionals who rely on our services have access to the best solutions to support this daily work.

 With the right tools at their fingertips, any medical prescriber will be able to strengthen their treatments, obtaining important therapeutic and pharmacological support. The information they seek and receive serves as support for decision-making and contributes to improving the safety of prescriptions as well as optimising the management of medicines.

Nubentos makes its API Store available to the ecosystem with useful and current solutions that revolutionise medical practice in many cases. If you are a healthcare professional or manage a medical centre, these solutions are for you and can be easily integrated into any software without the need for code or surprise expenses. Learn more about how to start working with Nubentos!

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