The role of APIs in future medical technologies

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by | Jun 21, 2019 | Digital Health | 0 comments

Nubentos, with its Marketplace of APIs for Health, provides access to a wide range of functionalities called APIs (Application Programming Interface) that support these cutting-edge technologies.

When talking about cutting-edge technologies or trends for 2019 all the articles will collect these 5 main ones:

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.
  • 5G connectivity
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 3D Printing

But the reality is that these advances are supported by others that were a trend in the past, and that have become a reality of today’s companies. Having been consolidated, they are accessible and available to everyone at a reasonable price. Some of the main ones are:

  • Cloud Technologies.
  • Mobile devices with high computing capabilities.
  • OpenSource / OpenHardware / OpenStandards.
  • Agile Development / Automation / Interoperability.
  • Internet.
  • Open and accessible knowledge.

The healthcare sector is not alien to this situation. On May 23, the Barcelona Health Hub hosted the first Think Tank on Health 4.0: trends and the future of health, where technology played a very important role. This week their conclusions have been presented through a nice infographic that organizes the results according to two main aspects:

  • Improvement in prevention.
  • Diagnostics and Treatment.





As we said earlier, these cutting-edge technologies are what they are today because they are supported by other technologies that are now available and easily integrated at a reasonable cost, and usually based on pay-per-use models.

Let’s take a quick look at the role that APIs play in each of these technologies.

Virtual / Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR / AR / MR)

When an artificial world is represented or real world is mixed with information or virtual images, we must keep in mind that the devices we use to visualize have to obtain information relative to their position, orientation and movement of the sensors that they have incorporated.

VR nubentos


This information is sent to a unit that processes them, to then return to the device a virtual image that provides more information than that captured by those sensors.

This additional information is based on an algorithm and an API is used to access it.

VR nubentos


5G Connectivity

5g nubentos


The 5G connectivity provides a greater speed in the transfer of information and a greater number of devices that can be connected simultaneously.

This makes it possible for sensors and devices to transmit information in real time and access services in the cloud more quickly.

5g nubentos


APIs enable applications that are running on these devices to access or send information to cloud services.

Likewise, cloud services must be able to access or consult information from other applications deployed in the cloud through APIs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT nubentos

IOT nubentos


The revolution of connected devices will allow them to interact with other systems informing of a patient’s condition or capturing data of our habits, to create a profile of our health and propose small changes that significantly affect it.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

IA nubentos


The great advance of this five-year period is the accessibility of artificial intelligence and its application to a large number of situations. Although the algorithms that support the AI ​​were present for years, the real revolution has begun with its application to large structured databases (Big Data) and to the availability of the inferred patterns from them for its use in specific cases.

IA nubentos


These AI require a huge amount of computing and storage resources. But these costs do not necessarily have to be assumed, since these AI solutions are widely available as pay-per-use services, and accessible through APIs that we can incorporate into our solutions through platforms such as Nubentos, under a cost-effective distribution model.

3D printing

3D nubentos



Transforming virtual models into palpable and fully functional objects has been a great revolution.

While for years we have used 2D printing to materialize and transfer our knowledge, 3D printing has broken the barrier of conceptualizing ideas into objects that we can handle in the real world.

This change opens the door to being able to design and test solutions in virtual worlds, and once the test phases are completed, develop it as a physical solution.

3D nubentos


The ability to build objects using any medium (including organic media), will allow for customized solutions anywhere, anytime.

Adapting virtual models to the specific characteristics of patients and allowing 3D printing systems to access these models, is closely related to accessing the APIs that remotely run the software to generate these models.

HA nubentos



Finally the concept of augmented Humans or the most common term (associated with science fiction) of Cyborg, is the sum of all the previous ones using as support our own body.

HA nubentos


The use of technology to overcome the capabilities and limitations of our body has been part of our nature and evolution since we began to use the first tools, although the term used here is limited to more specific aspects.

Increasing our intelligence has always had the physical barrier of our senses. Breaking this barrier will have an impact of unknown dimensions to date. This is what is called Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI).

Again, the APIs will be the gateway to interact with the so-called collective intelligence.


As we have seen in the previous examples, to build and develop the technologies of the near future we must use, expand and humanize current technologies.

And it is precisely this objective that we want to carry out from Nubentos, the place of reference to discover, use, publish, monetize and monitor the APIs that will make possible the technologies of tomorrow in the health sector.

Nubentos is gathering on its platform Marketplace in the cloud of free use, the APIs that allow to remotely integrate the innovations in Digital Health and Connected Health that are transforming the Healthcare sector.

By making their integration into the health software and the Health Apps that citizens use easier, under the pay-per-use model, we are promoting and democratizing access to these advances. We are bringing the medical technologies of the future closer to everyone’s present.


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