SugginAI: the Artificial Intelligence API for glucose level prediction in Nubentos

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Nubentos’ collaboration with Medicsen goes back almost to the very beginning of our work. Today we announce that Medicsen’s API has evolved and is now called SugginAI, keeping its essence and becoming more valuable by obtaining the CE certificate.

SugginAI or how an AI API helps to improve conditions in patients with Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most widespread chronic diseases in the world. Its very high incidence makes innovative solutions such as SugginAI especially valuable for professionals in the healthcare and Digital Health ecosystem. 

How does SugginAI’s predictive algorithm work?

Medicsen’s SugginAI software is driven by a predictive algorithm that, based on a set of data from a person with type 1 diabetes, is able to predict future glucose levels in the next two hours.

This software would only give the guaranteed correct data for patients with type 1 diabetes and is intended to give this type of patient more control so that they can anticipate in advance in case their glucose is estimated to be at dangerous levels in the near future.

The data collected and used by the SugginAI are biometric (medical or clinical) and are as follows:

  • Blood glucose measurements throughout the day (in mg/dL), both those taken manually and those measured with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).
  • Amount of carbohydrate eaten at each meal (in grams). This can be both simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • Amount or dose of insulin injected, either manually or by insulin pump (U). This can be basal or bolus insulin units.
  • Current exercise intensity and time (METs and min).

Thanks to the Medicsen API, SugginAI, your patients will be able to keep better control of their chronic disease, knowing at first hand the relevant data of their evolution constantly and foreseeing the next steps to be taken in their daily life.

Benefit from the benefits of AI for your patients with Diabetes

 You will find in our API Store this and many other essential innovations and packs specially designed to help improve the treatment of certain pathologies or the management of healthcare centres. 

We also encourage you to download the AI API for Diabetes by Medicsen: Case Studies. eBook. With this document we have written to help you better understand the functioning and use cases of the AI algorithm used in SugginAI to predict the glucose levels of patients with Diabetes.

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