Search Recipe API, Edamam’s latest solution to support nutritional health, is available on Nubentos

by | 31 Jan 2022 | 0 comments

If you have been following Nubentos news in the last month, you will know that one of our latest partners has been Edamam, specialized in the development of search engines and analysis of food and ingredients focused on obtaining complete nutritional information. After talking about Nutrition Analysis API and Food Database API, today we share the latest of their health and nutritional analysis solutions: Search Recipe API.

As we specified at the time, Edamam offers digital solutions aimed at a nutritional application, and its final target are companies in the food, health and wellness sectors. Through its proprietary cloud-based structured semantic data technology platform, Edamam accumulates and makes available to users all kinds of food information.

With the Recipe Search API solution, users will be able to integrate a recipe search engine into websites and mobile apps, allowing access to millions of specialised websites and recipe books including diets, calorie counts and nutrient ratings for each ingredient.

Good nutrition is key to our health and knowing how to choose the right foods to balance our diet is essential. For this reason, at Nubentos we seek to integrate in our catalogue the best digital solutions dedicated to food health, and we rely on Edadmam and its API Recipe Search to achieve this task. Thanks to the information provided by the API, establishing a healthy and varied diet will be possible for all its end users.

Recipe Search API is available in our API Store and is fully accessible to the entire digital ecosystem, as well as being part of two of our essential innovation packs for Digital Health: Nutrition Pack and Wellness Pack.

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