Should I integrate that API for Health with Nubentos or directly with the provider?

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If you develop software for Health or for uses related to Health and Wellbeing, you may at some time ask yourself this question. You have discovered Nubentos, you see that we are gathering interesting APIs to integrate into your developments, and then you ask yourself: should I integrate that API for Health with Nubentos or directly with the provider?

It is a logical question. In this article we will try to resolve that doubt.


why is nubentos born


Nubentos was born as an alternative to the usual process, in which the supplier company normally has the initiative: it contacts a Hospital, who sits its IT provider (your company) at the table to develop the integration, or contact an IT company that manufactures software for Health (your company) and agree to develop that integration.

In this model your company assumes an initial cost and will receive a return in the form of commission or in the form of more sales when they occur.

In this traditional model, your company (API consumer) gets nothing else, and adopts a passive role usually.

Many times, in addition, you make a specific integration effort for an end customer (the Hospital). And if the provider wants to put its solution in another Hospital, the entire process is likely to be repeated.

This model is very entertaining, but it doesn’t seem to be efficient either for your company, or for the API for Health provider.

And if your company does not have large customers, then it is likely that that provider never sits with you to integrate its API into your software.


Deferred costs

differed costs


Accessing Nubentos API Store is free. Therefore, your company does not assume any initial cost.

You can have the API integrated without having disbursed a cent.

Whether you have large end customers, or if your clients are small consultation centers, dentists, podiatrists, radiology centers, analytical testing centers, etc., you can integrate that API for Health that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive to incorporate into your software.

Does this mean that in Nubentos you can integrate that API for Health for free?

No, what it means is that thanks to the pay-per-use model introduced by the API Economy, you only incur costs when your development is already in the hands of your final customers.

That is, when you have already monetized your development, with a new sale, or with a price increase for the new functionality.

The sale of your software depends on you, but you have that API integrated and ready to offer to your customers without having spent a cent.

Optimized costs

optimized costs


With Nubentos you can access expensive resources through a pay-per-use model.

This means that, in addition to assuming zero initial costs, your costs are automatically adjusted to the use made by your end users.

It is what is known as auto-scaled costs.

The great advantage of this, is that even if your company manages modest budgets, or your clients are small consultation centers, the cost of offering that advanced API for Health will always be a proportional cost to the size of your end customers.

Because a small consultation center will have little activity compared to a large hospital, and therefore will make proportional use of the software you offer.

And that use is the one that directly determines the cost of your API for Health.

Active management of your life cycle

Active management of your life cycle


By integrating that API for Health through Nubentos, your company adopts a proactive role in locating new features to add to your products.

You have a portal where you can access a growing catalog of Digital Health solutions.

From a system of medical agendas, to a support system for the diagnosis of brain tumor, through electronic signature systems, solutions for predicting glucose levels for the diabetic patient, patient tele-monitoring systems, etc.

You can offer your customers significant improvements without depending on whether or not the provider is accessible. Without the provider having to take the first step.

You access the global Digital Health market in a single portal completely independent way.

Integrated testing console

integrated test console


In the Nubentos API Store, you have tools that you don’t have if you integrate directly with the API for Health provider you’re interested in.

You have an integrated test console, which allows you to test and understand the operation of the API without writing a line of code.

This accelerates the development time, because when your technicians integrate the API you will have already been able to test the different types of calls and use cases that you need to cover.

Management of your subscriptions

management of your subscriptions


In Nubentos you also have an administration panel for your subscriptions.

From there you can manage your tokens and usage levels.

You can define throttling policies, which allow you to distribute the consumption of your API over time to control possible incorrect uses by your end users.

This is very important because those misuses can generate you over costs.




You have a simple dashboard that allows you to measure the actual use your users make.

This monitoring capability allows you to manage possible upgrades or downgrades in the consumption plans you have subscribed to.

If you notice that your end users are making more use of the API than you estimated, you are interested in detecting it quickly to change your subscription to a higher consumption plan. This avoids the cost of extra requests.

On the contrary, if you observe that the actual use is lower than estimated, you can switch to a cheaper consumption plan to avoid unnecessary costs.

Available SDKs

available SDKs


You may be concerned about if integrating that API for Health through Nubentos will be compatible with the technology your company uses to develop your software.

In Nubentos you have 10 SDKs ready to use, so you can choose the one you want:

  • iOS (Swift)
  • Android
  • PHP
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • Javascript
  • C #
  • GO
  • Python
  • Spring


As you can see, integrating that API for Health with Nubentos is really worth it.

You defer costs, you optimize development costs, you get better tools to test and manage your subscriptions, and you can monitor your users to optimize your life cycle.

To all that has been said, add the comfort of having a portal where you will always work in the same way, regardless of the API for Health you are integrating.

You will no longer depend on the particularities of the API provider, or on their geographical location, or on their availability to be able to hold those previous meetings to close the agreement.

Do you want that API for Health in your software? Visit the Nubentos API Store and that’s all.

And don’t worry, because you’re not losing support from the API provider.

All APIs published in Nubentos include the contact information necessary to receive support from the provider.

So how do you see it? Are you still having doubts? Contact us or leave us a comment and we will clarify them.


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