Pulmonary Nodules detection: a Deep-Learning solution in Nubentos

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The presence of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector has been one of the key triggers for the expansion of the horizons of current medicine in which Digital Health is at the service of patients. Today we present one of the new features that the Nubentos API Store makes available to the entire healthcare community: the API for Pulmonary Nodules Detection, AI4PulmonaryNodules.

Digital Pulmonary Nodules Detection, how does it work?

The detection of pulmonary nodules using Artificial Intelligence techniques, specifically Deep-Learning, is a reality that Nubentos puts within your reach. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the process of reading images and chest scans learns from radiologists, “reading” the data extracted from the scans performed by professionals.

The algorithms that give life to this AI solution pass through three phases: a training phase, a validation phase and, finally, a testing phase. Through these phases, deep-learning models of detection, composition and segmentation of the analysed data sets are evolved and improved on an on-going basis.

This Pulmonary Nodules Detection algorithm delivers accurate information regarding pulmonary nodules as small as 3mm. On default settings, it detects nodules at a sensitivity of 90% at the cost of 1 false positive on average per scan. The uniform measurements and calculations can reduce the variability between reports.

The process runs silently in the background, analysing the entire CT chest scan for each patient. The results – location, volume, and growth rate of pulmonary nodules – are available before the specialist starts reporting. The view includes a 3D representation of the pulmonary nodules, providing insight into the nodule morphology.

This Pulmonary Nodules Detection solution has been clinically validated, is CE-certified and is already regularly used in practice for lung cancer diagnosis in important Health institutions in Europe.

Where will I find the API I need?

At Nubentos we research and work to connect with the best providers of digital health innovations. The cutting-edge solutions that make up our portfolio drive Digital Health and are made accessible and affordable to as many stakeholders as possible. 

Whether you are a Health institution, a pharma with focus on lung cancer prevention, or an IT company that develops diagnosis support systems for your clients, this solution is of your interest. Access the API for Pulmonary Nodules Detection and many other essential innovations in the Nubentos API Store.

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