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Healthcare software manufacturers, developers and integrators of healthcare software will take your APIs much further with Nubentos.

mHealth + Wearables


The data you capture from your users is much more valuable than ever with Nubentos and API Economy.

Nubentos eases the integration of constants in information systems used by healthcare professionals to monitor their patients.

Big Data & IA


Clinical decision support systems, advanced vademecum, image diagnosis, medical coding, etc, have the ideal distribution channel in Nubentos to reach the largest possible number of healthcare professionals and increase its impact on society.



It is necessary to provide professionals and the general public with digital tools so that the practice of Telemedicine reaches its necessary degree of maturity.

Information exchange between patients and the healthcare professionals is the key to making these services effective.



Our free API Store is an ideal resource for your APIs to enable the development of new software products, new Apps, etc. Hence, taking full advantage of the best progress in Connected Health and generating value for the entire Healthcare Ecosystem and society.

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Publishing, Security, monitoring and monetization for your APIs and Healthcare Sevices



Publish your APIs in minutes. REST, SOAP, JSON, XML and OPEN API.

Manage the Life Cycle of your APIs in one click.

Document your APIs from within your own document manager, uploading your documents, or editing them online.



Control access to your APIs using the OAuth2 standard.

Key generation for Production and Sandbox.

Control the subscriptions to your APIs and monitor its use.

Apply throttling policies to control traffic bursts.



Complete set of analytics at one click.

Control the usage of your APIs.

Identifies thresholds of usage.

Improve management to maximize performance.



Monetize your APIs by defining your own subscription plans.

Pay per use or quota per tier, with or without extra consumption fee.

Offer different pricing options for your consumers to choose from the one that best suits their use cases: Free, Freemium and Paid.

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