e-Private Prescription: the approved OpenSalud Private Electronic Prescription soon available in Nubentos

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Digital Health advances with Nubentos and its catalogue of digital solutions accessible to the entire ecosystem. Today we bring you a new collaboration with OpenSalud, a telemedicine provider that has developed a private electronic prescription solution: e-Private Prescription. Moreover, OpenSalud is one of the few providers approved according to current legislation

How does the Electronic Private Prescription work?

The private electronic prescription is the electronic system for the issuing of prescription orders and treatment of medicines in the private sector, and their dispensing from pharmacies.

This system, developed by OpenSalud, allows communication between the doctor, the pharmacist and the citizen, facilitating access to the medical treatments prescribed by the professional from any electronic device, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It is very simple to use, here is a brief explanation of the steps:

  1. The healthcare professional issues an electronic prescription to the patient from the e-Private Prescription platform.
  2. The patient receives a PDF document with the medical report and a QR code containing the prescription.
  3. When the patient goes to any pharmacy in Spain, they only have to show the prescription code and will be able to purchase his or her medicines.

This system connects doctors, pharmacies and patients instantly, accurately and securely, greatly facilitating processes that involve many complicating factors. The time savings and rapid accessibility make private electronic prescriptions a must for the healthcare ecosystem.

This agreement is in line with Nubentos’ technological progress, as its CEO, Manuel Morales, shares: “Opensalud is one of the Telemedicine platforms with the greatest growth potential. Helping to boost Telemedicine is a natural fit for a project like Nubentos, and both companies quickly saw the synergies. This agreement confirms that vision and is the beginning of an intense collaboration and a great impact for its users. “

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