Pricing Policy

Last update: January 2021.

This document briefly presents the Pricing Policy of Nubentos The API Marketplace For Health SL, hereinafter Nubentos.


Access, testing, integration and consumption of APIs

Customers of the Nubentos API Store are subject to the following pricing policy to access the API Store, and with it the APIs in the catalog to test, integrate and use them:

  • Access to the Nubentos API Store.
    • The Nubentos API Store is publicly accessible.
    • However, in order to access the APIs, test them and integrate them into your software products, you must register as a user.
    • The user registration can be done in any of the user plans shown in the Nubentos website, section Pricing.
    • From the moment of registration, Nubentos will charge you through the payment method provided in the registration process and will invoice you, the user, the fee corresponding to the plan and modality chosen.
    • You can change your user plan at any time.
  • Monthly consumption of APIs integrated through the Nubentos API Store.
    • The providers of the APIs published in the Nubentos API Store can establish different consumption plans.
    • Each of these consumption plans can be Free, Freemium or Paid.
    • Only users registered in the Nubentos API Store will be able to access the consumption plans and rates published by the API providers.
    • Depending on the active user’s plan, he/she will be able to access part or all of the consumption plans published in each API.
    • The rates applicable in the consumption plan of each API will not be applied until the production token corresponding to such subscription is consumed.
    • There are two pricing modalities in the consumption plans of the APIs:
      • Pay per API call. Each month you will be charged and billed for the production consumption, applying the rate of each consumption plan used by the number of API calls made.
      • Flat rate. Each month you will be charged and billed the rate established for the consumption plan used in production.


Publication of APIs

Publishing Publish your APIs in 3 steps
Open API Compatible Publish in seconds from Swagger
Lifecycle Management Manage the lifecycle of your APIs with a click
Analytics Monitor the usage of your APIs
Alerts Receive automatic alerts about your APIs in a mailing list
OAuth2 Add an extra layer of security to your APIs
Custom Throttling Policies Protect your backend from suspicious bursts with custom throttling policies
Monetization Get more revenue in a scalable model
Pay-Per-Use and Tiered Fee Configure your pay-per-use and/or tiered fee pricing plans
Free, Freemium y Paid plans Total flexibility to make your API more attractive
Promotion and sales Stand out in the healthcare software development community and reach more market in the healthcare ecosystem
Promotional content We create content of interest to attract new consumers
Commission 20% From every 100 euros generated by consumption of your APIs in production, you receive 80 euros


Prototyping and development acceleration platform 200,00€ per month, until the start of the commercial phase with the publication of the API in our API Store
Integration with standard HL7® FHIR® / v2.x interface Tailor-made quotation after prior analysis by Nubentos. Subsequent maintenance: 59,90€ monthly or 575,04€ yearly (you save 20%).

*All our prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. These services will be invoiced between the 10th and 15th of each month, with payment in 15 days.



Nubentos can modify this Pricing Policy at any time.

These changes, if they occur, will be notified to all our clients with sufficient notice.

Once these changes have been notified, we will understand that they are accepted by our clients if they do not notify us in the 14 days following that communication with their non-compliance. In case of non-compliance, our customers may unsubscribe from our services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use governing their commercial relationship with Nubentos, and which are published on the Nubentos website (