Get to control seasonal allergy with Pollen Latest, Ambee’s API available on the API Store

by | 15 Feb 2022 | 0 comments

We’re on a roll with our environmental intelligence solutions! If we recently told you about Ambee’s APIs already available in the air quality catalogue, now it’s the turn of a new collection of innovations aimed at monitoring pollen levels and seasonal allergy.

Now available in our API Store: Pollen Latest for seasonal allergy monitoring

Increasingly dry climates, rising pollution and earlier seasons due to global warming make it increasingly difficult to predict seasonal allergies.

Pollen monitoring is therefore extremely important for patients with asthma and similar respiratory diseases. A tool such as Pollen Latest provides essential support in establishing routines that allow them to manage their pollen exposure in some way and avoid aggravation of seasonal allergy.

The Pollen Latest API is intended to show the pollen count in the environment in real time and locally, just like the AirQuality series.

The main function is to help users and patients with allergy-related and allergy-related problems to establish routes to avoid areas with higher levels of airborne pollination. To this end, Ambee’s solution tracks and counts locally more than 25 types of pollen. The counts are regularly updated and establish associated risk levels for tree, grass and weed pollen.

Pollen Latest is not Ambee’s only solution for seasonal allergy management. Also available in our API Store are the Pollen History and Pollen Forecast APIs, which complement the health function of Pollen Latest. You will find all the tools you need to offer your patients and users the best Digital Health in our constantly expanding catalogue, open to the entire ecosystem.

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