AIGecko, expert in AI and nutritional Deep Learning, new Nubentos partner

by | 21 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

As we have established in all our previous publications, at Nubentos we are strongly committed to Digital Health and the technological tools that help us to promote it through the healthcare ecosystem. Among them, those aimed at nutritional health, which we consider of utmost importance. Today we introduce you to a new provider that has closed ranks with us and will soon publish its innovations in artificial intelligence and nutritional deep learning in our API Store.

AiGecko specialises in artificial intelligence with computer vision and deep learning, applied to food and COVID-19. Numerous companies have turned to the digital solutions developed by AiGecko to rely on AI and nutritional deep learning to take health care through nutrition a step further. And now with Nubentos and its portfolio of essential innovations, it will expand its scope of action.

We have all heard a thousand times that healthy and balanced nutrition is extremely important for health care. And most of us have always remained at a certain distance: should I go to the nutritionist, what diet is most interesting for me, how do I know what nutrients I am getting from what I eat, and in what quantity, etc.?” So says Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos. “At Nubentos we are delighted to bring the LogMealAPI solution from AiGecko Technologies to the entire health ecosystem, which uses AI to answer all these questions. A super powerful tool that, with just a photo, will help improve the nutritional health of our clients’ users and patients.

LogMeal, AiGecko’s nutritional deep learning API, will be 100% in our catalogue of digital solutions very soon, being part of the packs aimed at patient monitoring and primary care such as Digital Pharmacy or Chronic Diseases. Enter Digital Health with the best technological support for your patients and clients with Nubentos.

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