Meet NutritionAnalysisAPI, Edamam’s API for nutrition analysis now available on Nubentos API

by | 13 Dec 2021 | 0 comments

We recently announced a new partnership with a major supplier: Edamam. Edamam provides nutrition solutions to companies in the food, health and wellness sectors, leveraging its proprietary cloud-based structured semantic data technology platform.

 This agreement was reached in order to extend the range of accessibility of digital nutrition analytics solutions through our catalogue of APIs. Today, finally the first of them sees the light of day. From now on, NutritionAnalisisAPI, your nutrition analysis API is available in our API Store for subscription.

What functionalities does this Nutrition Analysis API offer me?

 Nutrition Analysis APIs are intended for both personal diet management and for food professionals, providing value-added nutritional data in real time and saving their users time and costs.

 With the NutritionalAnalysisAPI nutrition analysis API found in the Nubentos Innovations catalogue, users can access a constantly updated database that includes more than 2.3 million recipes from hundreds of recipe sources on the web.

 The API’s nutrition analysis is powered by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, which employs a search algorithm that returns the most relevant recipes from the most popular and best recipe sources on the web in real time. This allows users to personalise results according to their dietary needs.

 In addition, Edamam has recently added a dietary filter focused on leveraging the scientific literature on nutrients and foods that support immunity and fight viral infections in this pandemic situation.

How can I start interacting with NutritionalAnalysisAPI?

 If you are new to Nubentos, we recommend you get started by following these steps. Edamam’s Nutritional API is from now on available in our catalogue of innovations and starting to use it is easy and simple thanks to the Digital Health provided by Nubentos.

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