Nueva Mutua Sanitaria and Nubentos: together to improve the health of professionals

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You already know how much we love giving good news at Nubentos. We love to share advances, new APIs, improved tools and, above all, new collaborations. Today we are happy to confirm that we have a new partner: Nueva Mutua Sanitaria

Nueva Mutua Sanitaria can now count on the innovative power of Nubentos to further enhance its portfolio of services. In this way, it will be able to bring the best innovations for Health to its customers, professionals and businessmen who want to ensure the care of their health and that of their families and employees, as well as young people entering the workforce.

The health of professionals in the best hands with Nueva Mutua Sanitaria

The innovations we offer in our API Store catalog cover a wide range of categories that any company can take advantage of. That’s why we are delighted to receive this interest from organizations like Nueva Mutua Sanitaria, who trust us to deliver what they need. their customers will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the most advanced digital healthcare solutions with Nubentos.

This is the vision that Teresa Cabezas, Director of Tecnología de Salud y Bienestar at Nueva Mutua Sanitaria., has shared with us. “For Nueva Mutua Sanitaria, the association of its subsidiary Tecnología de Salud y Bienestar with Nubentos can greatly facilitate the selection of advanced digital health technology solutions for its policyholders. The possibility of detecting and testing applications before launching a definitive implementation project is a highly valuable advantage when it comes to gaining efficiency in innovation processes.”

About this agreement, Manuel Morales, CEO of Nubentos, comments, “At Nubentos we know very well the important role that insurers play in the healthcare ecosystem. That is why when a company like Nueva Mutua Sanitaria trusts us to drive its Digital Health strategy, for us it is a very important step towards our goal of bringing the best innovations in Digital Health to the entire ecosystem.”

Whatever type of company you are in the healthcare ecosystem, our innovations will be available to make your work easier and more complete. Do you want to know them? Enter our API Store!

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