The most secure Blockchain Certification with iBS, the new iCommunity Labs solution already available in Nubentos

by | 22 Jun 2022 | 0 comments

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Our API Store | 0 comments

You may remember that this month we closed a new partnership with iCommunity Labs, our partner specialised in blockchain certification, right? Well, this new partnership has already borne fruit! From now on, the API provided by them, iBS, is available in the Nubentos API Store to offer a fast and secure blockchain certification.

 iBS allows you to easily generate digital evidences and notarise all kinds of content and events in blockchain, without the need to learn Solidity. It uses a multi-chain platform that takes care of everything.

 Remember that iCommunity Labs is a low-code blockchain technology platform that develops solutions that seek to promote a secure digital transformation for companies by adapting its technology to their needs in order to make them more efficient and competitive.

 With iBS, healthcare professionals, clinics and medical centres of any size can improve and optimise their processes while offering a better service and greater privacy to their clients regarding their medical data. Tools such as iBS, which is not the only one in our catalogue, can streamline and secure the exchange of critical data between healthcare organisations and patients.

 Go to the iBS file in Nubentos and discover the use case: SalusCoopApp. This is a mobile application based on iCommunity’s blockchain API, iBS-API, which allows people to give their health habits data to medical research centres, securely and anonymously, and be rewarded for it with ICOMs tokens.

 The iBS-API is already part of the Medical Reporting Pack and the Clinical Management Pack and is available for use in the Nubentos catalogue along with the rest of our suppliers’ solutions.

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