DocFarma trusts in Nubentos to bring pharmacies and patients together in a quick, easy and convenient way

by | 10 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

If you follow our publications, you know that we have more and more first-class providers bringing their digital innovations for Health to our portfolio. But none of this makes sense if we don’t get the ecosystem players to come to us as consumers. And from the beginning we have identified the Digital Health entrepreneurial ecosystem as one of those that can benefit the most from a partner like Nubentos.

That’s why today we are happy to announce that the startup DocFarma has just signed a partnership agreement with us to provide Nubentos services. DocFarma was created in 2020 with a multidisciplinary team to provide an omnichannel service to pharmacies. Its objective matches that of Nubentos to perfection, as they seek to improve the quality of life and well-being of our society.

Specifically, they focus on fostering a direct and private relationship between patients and pharmacies to improve access and monitoring of treatments. This is achieved by defending a model of responsible consumption and proximity.

DocFarma seeks to tighten the relationship between pharmacies and patients by providing a medicine transport service that saves time for both parties and facilitates fast, convenient and safe access for patients to their medical treatments.

Both DocFarma and Nubentos believe in pharmacies and their key role in the national health system. In fact, if you have browsed the Nubentos catalogue you will know that our API Store offers solutions that have very specific applications for pharmacies or related to the prescription of medicines, included in our Digital Pharmacy Pack or Digital Prescription Pack.

“This agreement with DocFarma gives us double satisfaction“. Comments MaManuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos. “On the one hand, we have always identified pharmacies as absolutely key players in bringing Digital Health closer to society, and DocFarma works right in that area. On the other hand, our model is a perfect fit with the needs of any startup with digital health solutions at the core of their business, and DocFarma is a perfect fit. I am sure we will help them to grow“.

As DocFarma, we invite pharmacies, pharmacists, clinics, insurers and other players in the healthcare ecosystem to get to know and benefit from the agility and accessibility to Digital Health that Nubentos offers in its service. Contact us!

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