Ambee’s Weather Forecast API for weather forecasting, now available in Nubentos API Store

by | 3 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

We are back once again to feed Nubentos’ catalogue of health innovations with the most demanded solutions for environmental intelligence. This time we come to announce that the APIs for weather forecasting and environmental weather management is now 100% available in the Nubentos API Store for our users.

We are referring to Ambee’s Weather collection, which has been developed, like the AirQuality and Pollen collections, by our invaluable partner in Digital Health: Ambee. Ambee specialises in the development of environmental intelligence solutions that help patients to know and understand their surroundings and environment in order to control and prevent respiratory and chronic diseases, as we explained in a previous post.

The best weather forecasting now at your fingertips

The Weather Forecast API provides you with weather forecasting based on the extraction of data from multiple sources such as ground sensors, satellite images and statistical information to achieve greater accuracy.

Without geographical limits, API Weather provides weather forecast data such as temperature, atmospheric pressure or predicted cloud cover, as well as recommendations based on air speed or air pollution.

With the help of Weather Forecast, users will be able to have at their fingertips a useful weather forecasting tool to make decisions in their daily routines and lifestyle that will prevent them from worsening respiratory pathologies or other weather-related ailments.

For our catalogue, this and the other two solutions that correspond to this collection, Weather History and Weather Latest, are the last link to offer a strong and complete environmental intelligence service. The 9 APIs offered by Ambee are fundamental tools that can benefit both companies and healthcare professionals.

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