Nubentos and UniversalDoctor: a great partnership for global push of Digital Health

by | 29 Apr 2021 | 0 comments

We close April with a lot of news and developments, and we close the month with the perfect cherry on top of the cake: our recent agreement with UniversalDoctor!

The Nubentos and UniversalDoctor teams are finally joining forces to create innovative healthcare technology solutions together.

UniversalDoctor has a long history in digital health, working with multiple players in the public and private healthcare ecosystem, from hospitals to global and International organisations such as WHO, IOM or the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. UniversalDoctor has been a reference in the Entrepreneurship in Digital and Global Health along the years. From its initial Translation tool to become lately in UniversalDoctor: The Digital Global Health Company. Clearly, his work and that of Nubentos converge in a single destination: to make digital health accessible to everyone, without barriers or obstacles. Nubentos’ services and UniversalDoctor’s tools create a perfect combo for this and we are delighted to have them.

Jordi Serrano Pons, CEO and Founder of UniversalDoctor, has made a statement about the agreement. “UniversalDoctor has implemented digital health solutions in Europe, Africa, Asia and America with the objective of delivering solutions to real necessities of global health challenges. This global vision and integration of many other partners requires innovative partners like Nubentos with a magnificent capacity of integration and open vision.”

Manuel Morales, CEO of Nubentos The API Marketplace for Health shares that “we are happy to have UniversalDoctor in our partner network, their collaborations with many public and private international institutions and other top institutions for Digital Health are of great impact, and we share the same vision that opens up numerous collaborations and joint projects. We are going to do great things together, I’m sure”.

Collaborations of this level allow us to keep growing to achieve the goal we have been pursuing at Nubentos since the beginning of our entrepreneurial adventure: to bring Digital Health as a Service to facilitate global access to the best innovations for Health through our API Store.

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