Nubentos and myHealthbox join forces to put the most complete health information at your fingertips

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Health information is one of the most powerful tools we can count on in the health ecosystem. Health professionals and consumers need .secure and reliable access to medical information and that is precisely what we strive to achieve with this new partnership with myHealthbox.

The power of information with myHealthbox

myHealthbox is the largest source of information on medicines and medical devices and a leading provider of health information services to consumers and healthcare professionals. Through its platform you can access official documents on all types of health products, from medicines for humans and animals to cosmetics and beauty products.

At Nubentos we are committed to providing our consumers with the best services in Digital Health and ensuring that they have access to the most advanced health innovations. That is why this partnership with myHealthbox to promote and facilitate access to a wide range of health information sources has been a great success in our strategy. 

As Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos, explains about this new partner, “Health professionals and researchers spend a significant number of hours searching for medical information, but the internet offers very few guarantees. The service offered by MyHealthbox fills a very important need in the sector, and we are delighted that they trust Nubentos to bring their solution to more institutions in the sector“.

Robert Lattuada, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer at myHealthbox, shares with us that he is “confident the partnership with Nubentos will provide great visibility to our health APIs and help companies take advantage of great data that can be easily integrated into their solutions“.

From the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products to the FDA, with the digital solution offered by myHealthbox we will soon have a powerful solution in our catalogue of digital innovations. With it we will offer consumers and Digital Health professionals a powerful source of health information that collects trusted, freely available data, to share easily and interactively, regardless of device or geography.

If you want to give a boost to your healthcare innovations, or accelerate the adoption of the best solutions available for Digital Health, saving significant costs, don’t hesitate: Nubentos is the platform you were waiting for.

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