Now available on Nubentos myHealthbox, the most comprehensive health information API in the ecosystem

by | 23 Feb 2022 | 0 comments

Last month we announced a new partnership with myHealthbox, a major healthcare partner and leading provider of independent health information services targeted specifically at consumers but also at healthcare professionals.

You now have access to the largest source of health information in the world

 The solution developed by this partner, its myHealthbox API, is now available and 100% accessible in our API Store for the use and benefit of healthcare professionals and users who need it.

 The myHealthbox API is the largest source of information on medicines and healthcare products, with data aggregated from over 150  official sources like  the Spanish Agency for Medicines, EMA and the FDA.

 Basically they provide access to the largest database of information on medicines, healthcare products and medical devices with more than 6 million products available in 100 countries with information in 47 languages. In addition to information about the medicinal product such as name, active ingredients, dosage, ATC code, etc., it is also possible to access official product documents (i.e. patient information leaflets, SmPCs, PIs, etc.).

 The main purpose of this solution developed by myHealthbox is to make the use of medicinal products safer by providing easy and universal access to information on medicines like dosages, adverse reactions, therapeutic guidance, patient leaflets, etc. Access to this information is available on several channels including programmatically via APIs. 

 In the pursuit to make Digital Health accessible to the ecosystem we have welcomed this partnership with open arms and have introduced this solution to our catalogue of digital innovations. myHealthbox and many other APIs aimed at improving the daily practice of professionals and streamlining healthcare treatments and processes always have a place in Nubentos, the world’s largest repertoire of digital health innovations.

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