Meet Medimsight, our new provider for Digital Health AI solutions in our API Store

by | 11 Oct 2021 | 0 comments

The unlimited inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health is one of the great goals of Nubentos. That’s why we are so happy today to introduce you to one of the new providers in our API Store: Medimsight.

Medimsight, a revolution in biotechnology

Often defined as an innovative startup capable of revolutionising medical diagnostics, Medimsight allows to obtain a significant amount of data from medical imaging studies, without the need for a complex infrastructure.

 Its interactive AI platform provides the most advanced biomarker quantification and diagnostic support systems, allowing healthcare professionals to perform group and longitudinal studies.

 Thanks to Medimsight’s cloud technologies (Cloud Storage, Cloud Viewer and Cloud Analysis), diagnostic imaging specialists can send, receive, view, share and analyse any medical imaging modality from anywhere and with the quality of their diagnostic room.

 Nubentos provides Medimsight with its API integration platform to collaborate in this accessibility of biotechnology, in a secure and simple way and from Digital Health.

 The biggest challenge for Artificial Intelligence for diagnostic assistance to be a real benefit for the patient is global implementation and easy access.” Javier González-Zabaleta, CEO of Medimsight, shares his thoughts. “Our collaboration with Nubentos is the key to bring these technologies to any market in an almost immediate and transparent way. It’s time to unleash the true potential of AI with Nubentos and Medimsight.”

 Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos, comments on this new alliance, “Medimsight has many top-notch solutions for diagnostic imaging that they will be releasing in the API Store in the coming months. The agreement with Medimsight as a Nubentos provider is excellent news for everyone. It’s a natural partnership because we clearly share a vision on how to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of Digital Health innovations across the ecosystem.”

 As an API provider, you too can count on Nubentos to help you get the word out about your digital health solutions. Our API Store catalogue is available to all players in the ecosystem.

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