Medical Sapiens partners with Nubentos to bring medical diagnosis support to the ecosystem

by | 17 Jan 2022 | 0 comments

We are off to a strong start in 2022 with a new partner in Digital Health. We are talking about Medical Sapiens, a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals committed to improving the accuracy of medical diagnosis. Together we will work to bring Digital Health to the entire ecosystem.

What is Medical Sapiens?

Medical Sapiens is a clinical decision support system whose main objective is to increase medical diagnosis accuracy. This software allows to improve medical diagnosis through the introduction of a key set of described symptoms and indicators presented by the patient within an additive medical context. The more information that is added to the diagnosis, the greater the medical certainty about the patient’s condition and the better the treatment and care provided.

A boost to Medical Diagnostics with Nubentos

This partnership with Nubentos fits perfectly into our framework of action to bring Digital Health to the ecosystem. With the solution that Medical Sapiens provides, PreMedSapiens, we offer in our API Store an advanced tool to support medical diagnosis while reducing waiting times and care costs.

The speed of response and the certainty of the results will allow for a better and quicker direction of the possible diagnosis based on a cardinal description of the symptoms and signs.

As Manuel Morales, CEO and CO-Founder of Nubentos says, “We are delighted to incorporate Medical Sapiens’ solutions into our portfolio of innovations for Digital Health. There is an increasing demand for this type of solution aimed at facilitating patient communication with healthcare services and at the same time offering additional value to both. We look forward to growing together from now on.”

Each new agreement that Nubentos closes with a new partner is a step that brings professionals and patients closer to the integration of Digital Health in medical practice. We continue working to offer the best quality services on our platform, come in and discover it!

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