Isabel Symptom Checker API for symptoms checking is now available on the Nubentos API Store

by | 10 May 2022 | 0 comments

After our recent signing with Isabel Healthcare, today we can proudly announce that their API for symptom detection, Isabel Symptom Checker, is finally available in our API Store!

Let’s remember that Isabel Healthcare is a major player in the healthcare ecosystem for its solutions for finding a possible diagnosis and reduce clinical uncertainty, helping to make clinical decisions and preventing tunnel vision.

Its Isabel Symptom Checker API employs an advanced pattern recognition technology which matches clinical features with diseases, providing its users around the world with an accurate and reliable result in less than a minute.

This new healthcare solution for symptom detection, which we announced some time ago on our website, is 96% accurate in matching clinical features with diseases, and can enter numerous and varied symptoms and comorbidities in free text.

Isabel Symptom Checker is therefore an essential tool for your patients, to help them find the best specialized healthcare, as it covers more than 10,000 diseases of all existing medical specialties. The results it offers are based on the evidence demonstrated in studies over the years for each disease.

This symptom detection tool has been designed for use by patients to empower them in networked healthcare, giving telemedicine a powerful new ally in Isabel Symptom Checker.

Healthcare innovations such as the one Isabel Healthcare develops and offers us meet the essential requirements to become part of the Nubentos API Store, the largest catalogue of healthcare APIs that currently exists. All the healthcare options you need for your daily clinical practice are gathered here. Enter now and enjoy the best solution for symptom detection.

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