Introducing Apiens: our new wizard for provider onboarding

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At Nubentos we are determined to boost the adoption of Digital Health around the world and that is why we work every day to bring providers and consumers closer to the best innovations for Health.

In this endeavour, today we would like to announce the launch of our newest tool: Apiens.

 What is Apiens?

Instead of WHAT, perhaps it would be more correct to talk about WHO …. Apiens is the latest addition to the Nubentos team: our new onboarding assistant for providers.

Apiens is a very important step to facilitate the growth of our catalogue, as it allows any vendor to carry out the whole process in an agile and autonomous way.

Specifically, Apiens allows the provider to

  • Create their Workspace in the Nubentos API publisher platform;
  • Create new Users to give access to their team members;
  • Freely configure the Pricing Policies that they want to offer with their API to their potential customers through the Nubentos API Store;
  • Access their Workspace to Publish their API in the API Store.

 Less time, less hassle

Thanks to Apiens we drastically reduce the time required to publish each API.

From now on, a company interested in publishing its API in Nubentos will only need to sign up accepting our terms and conditions of use and be guided by Apiens to prepare its publishing area.

Immediately, you will have everything ready to publish your API in the Nubentos API Store. This process can take just a few minutes if you have a standard API definition or swagger, or a few hours if you define each of the API methods.

The new tool is directly accessible from the Nubentos website and you only have to click PUBLISH YOUR API in the main menu to enjoy the benefits of working with Apiens.

So now you know: now it is easier than ever to incorporate your health API in Nubentos, the reference portal for innovation in Digital Health. With a few simple steps and a single publication, you will reach many more customers.

In the coming months we will be adding more features and improvements to the tool and, as always, you have the support of the Nubentos team, who will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Your competitors know, don’t be left out.

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