Interview with Gabriel Aramburu, author of HealthAPI

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Definitely, the role of the patient as a source of data for the improvement of health services and the evolution towards preventive and predictive health, is closely related to the arrival of wearables and personal devices.

More and more devices of this type are available in the market, but as with smartphones, the greatest value for these devices lies in the Apps and what users can do through them.

In this sense, having APIs that offer ready-to-use features for the developer of Apps for wearables is one of the objectives we have in Nubentos. Variable complexity APIs: from AI APIs to analyze the user’s heart rate, to simple calculations of Health indicators that can complement other functionalities.

This last group includes the API that we introduce today, HealthAPI, and to talk about it we have invited its author, Gabriel Aramburu, for a quick interview to tell us more about HealthAPI and his experience with Nubentos. 

Q: Hi Gabriel, thanks for accepting our interview. Tell us a little about yourself, and your career.

A: Hi, how are you, first of all thank you very much for the space. Well, how to start, the truth is that I was always passionate about technology. My beginnings was repairing computers and today I am trying to improve the world by creating high impact digital products from a more technical and self-scalable perspective. My motto is always that everything can be automated. 

Q: What is HealthAPI?

A: HealthAPI was born from a concern I had at some time where I needed someone who could guide my path in physical health according to my indicators, and tell me what to do about it. But as I told you before, I believe that it is not always necessary to go to the professional to perform this task, so I had the idea to create an API to take care of this. A kind of digital “doctor” that works with measurable parameters.

Q: What features are provided in the HealthAPI roadmap?

A: We want to cover as many health indicators as possible, such as cholesterol levels, glycemia, hemoglobin, etc …, to apply Machine Learning algorithms to these data that will allow us to return suggestions or guidelines related to the user.

Q: What applications does HealthAPI have and will it have in future versions?

A: Today you have many possibilities to take advantage of HealthAPI. For example, one of the use cases we have encountered is an application that asks you for your weight, age and height. Thanks to the scoring system that HealthAPI has, this application can return a description of your “wellness” profile and recommend products and readings in line with improving your physique and your metabolism. 

In future versions of HealthAPI we want to expand the amount of services and cover more critical measurements like the ones I mentioned earlier. The idea is to be able to use machine learning (AI) to anticipate that a person suffers some risk, obtaining a prognosis of their profile and to be able to prevent the user.

Q: You just published HealthAPI in Nubentos. What kind of consumers can find your API interesting?

A: All who seek to help improve people’s well-being through information technologies. Whether those with mobile applications, desktop or even professionals such as a health center.

Q: As you know, consuming your API through Nubentos allows your customers to use the free tools of our platform to manage their developments and control costs. How important is it for you to offer these additional features to your clients through Nubentos?

A: It is very important to have the tools that Nubentos gives us, since on the one hand it allows us to focus on what one really cares that is in our case the potential of HealthAPI and also gives us support both in security, standard of market and engagement. 

Q: How would you rate your experience when publishing your APIs in Nubentos?

A: The truth is that I am very grateful to Nubentos. The whole team was and is very professional at all times and always hand in hand helping to boost the project.

Q: What goals do you hope to achieve with this collaboration?

A: I hope that with this collaboration HealthAPI will be more used and help to contribute to the so-called “digital transformation” to improve the quality of life, and professionalize from a lean (agile) perspective the healthcare sector in the technological field. 

Q: Would you recommend other companies that provide Digital Health solutions to bring their services to Nubentos?

A: Definitely. I think it is very important to have a solid marketplace on the internet, today everything is quite segregated and confusing when you want to use this type of services. And what better than Nubentos, isn’t it? 

Q: Thanks again Gabriel for your time and a pleasure to have shared with you this interesting talk.

A: Many thanks to you and Isabel for giving me the space to talk about HealthAPI and collaborate with Nubentos.

Keep track of HealthAPI and the evolution it will have in future versions. APIs oriented to the market of Apps for wearables are going to play an important role in the coming years, and we have already read Gabriel: his evolution towards AI is very interesting.

HealthAPI is now available in our API Store, where you will find all the information, resources and tools to test it, integrate it into your Apps and software, and put it in the hands of your end users, with total control of your development costs.

Thank you for your reading and we will return soon with very interesting new interviews.

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