Idonia, new Nubentos partner

by | 3 Jun 2021 | 0 comments

We enter the summer with the same energy with which we started the year, closing powerful collaborations like the one we are announcing today. Nubentos has a new API provider for its API Store: Idonia.

Idonia is a cloud platform that allows the storage, processing, sharing and visualisation of medical images. A mature platform that operates in more than 150 hospitals, it has processed more than 36 million images with more than 80,000 patients accessing their radiological tests and 12,000 users interacting.

It also has the possibility of interaction via APIs for different types of scenarios such as second opinion, medical drive, medical image viewer, patient portal, delivery of tests to patients, referrals, medical image processing and storage in the cloud, etc.

“We understand that Nubentos’ proposal is innovative and challenging. The digital transformation that is taking place in healthcare is fundamentally cultural on the part of professionals and patients, but it must be accompanied by a technological renovation that involves facilitating interoperability and orientation towards microservices cloud architectures”. Miguel Cabrer, CEO at Idonia, comments. “We are delighted to make these APIs available to the Nubentos platform for those customers who want to integrate our services into their projects”.

For us it is an important addition to our network, with which we keep building and helping to evolve Digital Health in new business cases. 

Manuel Morales, CEO of Nubentos, is of the same opinion, “Our mission is to offer the healthcare ecosystem access to the broadest possible portfolio of healthcare innovations. That’s why the addition of Idonia is so important to us, because they come to fill a real need in the sector that we didn’t yet have in our portfolio. We continue to see a growing interest in our model from both suppliers and customers, and each new step is a big step forward for Nubentos.”

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