iDoc24 and Nubentos, together to bring the best skin care through Digital Health

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Nubentos continues to find allies in the healthcare ecosystem to build a solid and integrated Digital Health, with the best digital solutions that actors develop and share with the world. A clear example of this is our new partnership with iDoc24, a partner specialising in telematic dermatology, a new way of understanding skin care from a digital perspective.

 iDoc24 has a long history in the field of dermatology and has a medical team made up of specialists who provide innovative medical care that is very much in line with Nubentos’ mission. Based on the analysis of skin images and the input of data provided by the patients themselves, this team of dermatologists is able to provide a reliable and safe diagnosis quickly and without wasting resources

 According to studies carried out by its specialists, in most cases the skin problems presented by patients can be diagnosed with a simple visual study and treated with non-prescription medication. iDoc24 speeds up medical processes that until now have involved a lot of time and unnecessary travel, speeding up medical consultations and the work of dermatologists.

 iDoc24’s innovations, such as First Derm, have been circulating in the ecosystem for some time now and will soon be fully included in the Nubentos catalogue, as part of its mission to accelerate and bring innovations to all patients, professionals and medical centres.

 As Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos assures, “Since the beginning of our project, we have known that there are many digital solutions for dermatology on the market that have a great impact on healthcare. Now we finally have a top-level partner in this Healthcare vertical, such as iDoc24. We are delighted that it trusts Nubentos to help it reach the ecosystem and society thanks to our highly scalable and cost-efficient model. Undoubtedly a beneficial partnership for both companies.”

 Enter the API Store to find out more innovations such as iDoc24’s First Derm, which we will be announcing its launch very soon. All the Digital Health at your fingertips with Nubentos.

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