Already available in the Nubentos API Store the Weather Latest API to know the most immediate weather forecast with Ambee

by | 10 Mar 2022 | 0 comments

Finally, we have reached the third API of the Weather collection and the last of all those published with our partner in environmental intelligence: Ambee. The Weather Latest API is now 100% available in the API Store and is part of some of the packs aimed at Wellness, Telemedicine or Respiratory Diseases, among others.

 The Weather Latest environmental intelligence API provides a weather report with valuable and actionable information with a complete view of the weather in real time, accurately, locally, nationally and globally. Temperature, cloud cover, dew point, visibility, wind, wind gust, pressure, wind speed and apparent temperature are some of the parameters included in Ambee’s weather data, along with more than 90 other parameters.

 In addition, it provides extensive worldwide data coverage with new countries every week and a detailed hyper-local view of current weather conditions at 200 x 200 resolution with raw weather data available in real time for the user’s location.

 The health applications that can be extracted from quality and accurate weather report such as this offered by Ambee are wide-ranging and help the day-to-day lives of many patients affected by various pathologies. As well as air pollution or pollen levels, weather changes can negatively affect many diseases, so it is interesting to be able to offer a solution that helps to know them and prevent this condition.

 In Nubentos we do not close the door to any health solution. Our API Store is nourished by all kinds of innovations and we want to keep growing every day. So be sure to follow our progress in the ecosystem, whether you are a provider or a consumer, and you will discover how Nubentos can help you go further.

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