6 great benefits of using Nubentos for your Health Apps

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‘Nubentos is the API Marketplace for Digital Health! ANd when working with Health Apps, this is your platform to go. Dicover why…

If you develop Apps, surely APIs don’t hide secrets from you. If you also develop Apps for Health and Wellness, then maybe you know Nubentos, the API Marketplace for Health. Whether you already know us or not, now you will discover our selection with the 6 great benefits of using Nubentos for your Health Apps.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Access a growing catalogue of APIs for your Health Apps

growing catalog nubentos

Hundreds of companies around the world offer advanced Digital Health services through APIs or through eligible services. Do you know them?

It is really difficult to know the innovations in Digital Health that exist in the world, available to integrate in your Health Apps. You need a place that brings together these innovations and makes them available to you so that you can learn about them and improve your Apps or create new ones that will stand out among the hundreds of thousands of Apps available.

That place exists and is called Nubentos.

Test the APIs as long as you want, without cost and without code

test APIs for your health apps nubentos

Besides discovering the APIs that you can integrate into your Health Apps, what would you like to do?

We think it would be great to be able to test it, and if possible, at no cost and without the need to code anything.

That’s why there is an API Console in Nubentos, an online test console, which allows you to test every API resource in a sandbox environment, as long as you want, and without any cost.

This way you can, on the one hand, confirm that this API does what you need for your Health Apps. On the other hand, it allows you to perfectly understand how it works, how its input parameters are informed, and what response it returns.

Thanks to this, your development and testing time is drastically reduced, and with them, your time to market is optimized.

Use any of the 10 SDKs available for each API in your Apps

10 sdk available for your Health Apps nubentos

Well, you’ve already discovered APIs for Health that you didn’t know about, and you know that you’ll find new APIs in Nubentos as our catalog gets populated.

You have also tried that API you are interested in, saving costs and development time for your Health Apps.

Now it’s time to integrate the API into your source code, so that your App offers your users that functionality.

As you know you can use the endpoint directly and work directly with the resources. But if you do not want to complicate yourself or if you or your team do not have enough experience, in Nubentos you have 10 SDKs for each API, to make coding much easier.

Obtaining and renewing the token, calling each resource, managing the response and possible errors… everything is covered in the SDKs.

An SDK for each of the main web and app development technologies on the market. It would be very rare that you don’t find the SDK for your project.

Manage the tokens for your Apps on the same platform

token management for your Health Apps nubentos

You integrate the API of provider A into your App, and manage your permissions and authorization with that provider’s backend. You integrate Vendor B’s API, and now manage its token and permissions with that new Vendor B’s backend. So for each App.

What a mess, isn’t it? When one of these providers changes its backend, or the way it resolves the access to its API, you must adapt your affected Health Apps.

However, in Nubentos you manage your tokens in a centralized way, since your Apps interact only with the Nubentos Gateway.

As a result, even if your API providers make changes to their backend, your token management is not affected.

Delay auto-scaled costs for your Health Apps

auto scaled costs for your Health Apps nubentos

Usually getting access to an API to integrate it into your Health Apps has an associated cost from the very first minute. Either you must pay a renewable license, or you must subscribe with a monthly fee that gives you the right to use the API.

In both cases, you assume costs even before you have tested the API, and throughout your development and testing cycle.

These costs remain regardless of whether your development is delayed or whether your users will use the new functionality or not.

In Nubentos you access the API at no cost, you test the API at no cost, you develop the integration with your App at no cost, and the time it takes your App store to put it on sale, you still do not assume any cost. Even if your App takes a while to start getting downloaded and used, you save the cost.

The cost only appears when your end users start using the functionality you’ve integrated with the API in your App. And those costs are automatically escalated. If users stop using it, your costs disappear.

Monitor and control the traffic generated by your Apps’ users

API monitor for your Health Apps nubentos

Finally your App is being used by your users, and with it they start to make use of the new functionality provided by the API you have integrated with Nubentos.

How do you know what use they are making of it? How do you measure the return on investment of integrating an API with a cost? How do you control if usage is above or below your forecasts?

In Nubentos you have a set of analytics that allow you to monitor the use made by your users. This way you can know if you have chosen the right consumption plan for the real consumption you have in your Health Apps, and if necessary, you can adjust it by changing the consumption plan. This way you can optimize your costs and adapt them to your demand.

You also have the possibility of establishing a throttling policy, to ensure that your traffic is properly distributed over time to avoid call bursts that could affect the performance of your APIs.

Using the Nubentos API Store to create new Health Apps and improve the Apps you already have on the market has many other advantages. Here we have selected the 6 most important advantages.

Would you highlight any other advantages? Tell us which one is your favorite by leaving a comment.

Thanks for reading and happy integration!


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