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EBOOK - AI API for Diabetes by Medicsen : Use Cases

Quick Guide for the API Consumer

Introducing the reference manual for the Nubentos API Store user. In our Quick Guide for the API Consumer in Nubentos you will find all the information you need to get the most out of our platform, and give your Digital Health projects the greatest possible boost.

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EBOOK - AI API for Diabetes by Medicsen : Use Cases

AI API for Diabetes by Medicsen: Use Cases

Diabetes is one of the world’s most extended chronic deseases. In the next decades, it’s expected to grow unbalanced in different geographic areas depending on their economic development. Medicsen has created an AI algorithm, Suggin, that can predict the future glucose values of the diabetic patient 2 hours in advance, and has published it in Nubentos, which makes this innovation for Diabetes available for any budget. In this ebook you will find some of the main Use Cases of their solution.

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EBOOK - Diagnostic Support

Diagnostic Support

Many of the most important health problems have a significantly better prognosis the earlier they are detected. AI applied to the early detection of diseases has one of its main fields of innovation in diagnostic imaging tests. In this eBook we present some of these innovations, which are available to you in our pack.

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EBOOK - Medical Reports

Medical Reports

Medical reports are of key importance in healthcare processes. Not only are they the communication tool between doctor and patient, but they also contain a huge Big Data of unstructured information, the processing of which opens up great possibilities for improving clinical management and the healthcare processes themselves. Discover the innovations in Digital Health that will help you manage and exploit your medical reports.

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EBOOK - Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

The patient is the main actor in the care process. Achieving their constant involvement, “activating” the patient in their healthcare, translates into better clinical outcomes and significant cost savings. Patient Engagement has become one of the main priorities in the healthcare ecosystem. In this ebook, we tell you about the essential innovations to drive it forward.

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EBOOK - Cardiology


Cardiovascular diseases are a major global health problem, in fact they are the leading cause of death worldwide. The innovative activity is enormous, in the development of new solutions that help to prevent these diseases and improve the quality of life of patients. In Nubentos we have created the Cardiology Pack with the first 6 innovations of our catalogue. We explain them in this ebook.

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EBOOK - Digital Prescription

Digital Prescription

The prescription process plays a key role in doctor-patient communication, and the way in which this communication takes place and the subsequent follow-up is crucial to the success of healthcare. In this ebook, we present our selection of the 5 essential innovations for Digital Prescription.

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EBOOK - Digital Pharmacy

Digital Pharmacy

Pharmacies are a key player in the adoption of Digital Health by society. Their digitisation is absolutely key if we really want these innovations to reach citizens and impact their quality of life. In this ebook, we introduce you to our selection of the 5 must-have innovations for Digital Pharmacy.

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EBOOK - The Challenge of Interoperability in Connected Health

The Challenge of Interoperability in Connected Health

The growing role of the patient in the generation of information about their health, and in the demand for new services by the healthcare provider, introduces new challenges for the software tools that we put in the hands of the healthcare professional and the patient. This eBook explains why Interoperability is more important than ever in this new scenario.

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EBOOK - Boost your Healthcare API with API Economy

Boost your Healthcare API with API Economy

The API Economy is rapidly spreading across all sectors as the best strategy for scaling services and APIs. Connected Health is beginning to take advantage of the enormous boost that the API Economy can give to health services and APIs. If you have healthcare services or APIs, or want to integrate them into your healthcare software products, this eBook is for you.

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