Securely certify your medical records in blockchain thanks to HashingDNA, the new Nubentos partner

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The treatment of medical data in the healthcare process is delicate and extremely important. Nowadays, as digitisation is becoming increasingly prevalent in the healthcare ecosystem, there is a tangible need to ensure the exchange of data between organisations and patients. And it is precisely this demand for confidentiality and security in the processing of data and files that has led us to close a new partnership with HashingDNA, a partner specialising in blockchain.

The use of blockchain in Digital Health

 The blockchain network has the purpose of encrypted data protection for operations of all kinds, with both administrative or economic applications and, in this case, health. Thanks to the use of blockchain in medical processes, we can combat challenges that medical professionals regularly face in their practice. Cases such as the transfer of sensitive data, the traceability and verification of medicines, telemedicine management or clinical research, among others.

 HashingDNA presents an advanced digital solution to certify and telematically sign any file or healthcare content that is processed online on the blockchain. With the highest security and privacy, it allows anonymous authentication, easy to use, fast and from any device with something as simple as a screenshot.

 Regarding its importance in the field of Digital Health, Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder in Nubentos tells us that “Blockchain technology is set to revolutionise the sector with numerous use cases, where the security and privacy of information are absolutely key requirements. For Nubentos, adding Blockchain solutions to our portfolio of innovations ready to be integrated into any healthcare software is a very important step. We are delighted that HashingDNA has trusted Nubentos to promote its technology in the sector.

 Very soon, the HashingDNA solution will be available for our users to use and enjoy in the API Store and as part of multiple packs for clinical management and telemedicine.

 Like the rest of the APIs in our catalogue, this blockchain solution will have the highest quality standards for its exploration and integration. At Nubentos we strive to make easy what has always been difficult, to pave the way to Digital Health for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Enter the Nubentos API Store and find out for yourself.

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