Give power to your voice with Sonde Health’s healthcare solutions, new Nubentos partner

by | 24 Feb 2022 | 0 comments

We close the month with an interesting new partnership with a partner that has relied on Nubentos digital services for a definitive approach of its healthcare solutions to the ecosystem. We are referring to Sonde Health, a North American company dedicated to health technology.

 And why do we say that this is an interesting partner we have here? Well, because Sonde Health focuses its solutions on mental health care and chronic diseases through an unusual tool: the voice of patients. Sonde Health has a platform for the detection and monitoring of symptoms using vocal biomarkers for chronic and mental illnesses. 

Digital Health and mental health care come together using vocal biomarkers

 Sonde Health products are based on patented, world-class technology, developed by experts with advanced knowledge of audio signal processing, speech science and machine learning. Vocal biomarker analysis detects changes in your users’ voice caused by their body’s changing physiology due to disease symptoms. 

 At Nubentos we have in our catalogue numerous Digital Health solutions aimed at treating, controlling and preventing mental illnesses, such as those gathered in its Mental Health Pack or Wellness Pack. For this reason, the partnership with SondeHealth and its tools based on vocal biomarkers come as a perfect fit to further promote the work we pursue

 Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos shares with us his vision about SondeHealth’s mission and his approach to Nubentos’ work in the ecosystem. “It’s no secret that AI is opening up a world of possibilities for our healthcare, and at Nubentos we are very attentive to the most innovative solutions in this field. That’s why we are so happy to count on Sonde Health and its voice analysis technology for the detection of different diseases and mental health problems. We are sure it will spark the interest of the ecosystem.”

 Very soon, Sonde Health solutions will be 100% available in our API Store.  Come in and discover the world’s largest catalogue of innovations for Digital Health on Nubentos.

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