FoodDatabase API for nutritional analysis now available in the API Store

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From our latest agreements with major suppliers comes Food Database API, the second API from Edamam for the nutritional analysis of food and groceries. Edamam is a platform that offers accurate and real-time nutritional data services for companies in the food, health and wellness sectors.

 The nutritional analysis APIs are an important addition to the Nubentos innovation portfolio. As has been repeated by major health organisations, there is a close relationship between good nutrition and people’s health, both essential to ensure a good development of the population. 

 In fact, during this year 2021 Barcelona has been the capital of Sustainable Food, with the aim of promoting awareness among the population about the importance of eating correctly.

FoodDatabaseAPI, the API for nutritional analysis from Edamam


Recently we signed a partnership with this partner for the publication of NutritionAnalysisAPI, dedicated like FoodDatabaseAPI to the nutritional analysis of foods and groceries. However, while NutritionAnalysisAPI used Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process recipes and extract useful nutritional data, FoodDatabase offers users access to a database with thousands of foods and their nutritional analysis.

The FoodDatabase API allows you to search for any food by name, keyword, brand or by scanning a barcode in case of a groceries. All results include a nutritional analysis offering up to 28 macro and micro nutrients, allergens and relevant health labelling.

By using the PLN, FoodDatabase activates a chatbot and a calorie counter during the food registration to give the information in real time.

Nubentos provides ecosystem actors with the best tools to help health professionals to promote proper nutrition among their patients thanks to the incorporation of these new APIs in its API Store.

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