Meet FarmaTool, the new Nubentos partner specialised in laboratory management

by | 12 Nov 2021 | 0 comments

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Our Partners | 0 comments

Nubentos has a new partner in Digital Health: Farmatool. Farmatool is the platform to take laboratory management to levels of excellence. This new partner arrives as a consumer of Nubentos services and thus opening the doors to its own consumers and customers to manage the sales of their laboratories in a more effective and professional way.

How does Farmatool help laboratory management?

 The tool developed by Farmatool allows you to unify the sales management of your laboratory, providing greater control and efficiency to the processes. Its platforms are aimed both at professionals or clients in a B2B environment and at clients or patients in a B2C environment. This laboratory management tool also offers aggregated analytics by channel, to analyse different factors such as sales, sales representatives, customers, prescribers, transport and shipping and call-centre.

Why is laboratory management better with Nubentos?

 Thanks to the collaboration with Nubentos and the use of our API Store, Farmatool will be able to make use of digitalisation to enrich its platform with advanced third-party solutions, and thus offer a better service to Pharmacies, Practices, Professionals and Patients. All this in a comprehensive, fast and simple way.

 Its digital solutions, aimed at laboratory management – an essential task in any healthcare environment – fit perfectly with the vision of Nubentos, as Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder, points out, “In our mission to bring Digital Health closer to all the actors in the healthcare ecosystem, each new client is another step in that direction. Having Farmatool’s trust is very important for us because it allows us to help the digitisation of pharmacies, in a niche with great potential such as Parapharmacy.”

 Farmatool, like many other players in the current ecosystem, rely on our Digital Health solutions catalogue to develop their own digital professional projects. If you are also looking for a boost in Digital Health, don’t hesitate to follow us to find out all the latest news.

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