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The digitalization of health care is an absolute priority in the entire health care ecosystem. All healthcare entities, from Healthcare Centres to Insurance Companies, including Pharmas, Laboratories, etc. are making significant investments in the digital transformation of their processes. We often think that this transformation affects healthcare processes, and we think about the introduction of AI, Telemedicine, or mobility. However, healthcare processes include other aspects of vital importance for the functioning of the sector. Among them, we highlight today the esignature, a key and essential aspect for a true digitalization of health processes and the relationship with patients. And that’s why in Nubentos we consider the esignature API an important part of our catalogue.

We are pleased to introduce today Marc Piqueras, Channel Manager at Signaturit, who tells us in this interesting interview details of their API and their experience with Nubentos.

Q: Hey, Marc, thanks for accepting our interview. Tell us a little bit about you, and your background.

A: I graduated in Business Administration and Management and since then I have been developing my work experience in the IT sector for more than 10 years. I am currently a Channel Manager at Signaturit and I am responsible for creating and developing business synergies with different partners for the digital transformation of the most innovative companies. 

Q: What is Signaturit?

A: If I had to define Signaturit in one sentence, it would be “Signing and certifying digital documents and communications in an agile, secure and legal manner”. 

Signaturit is a Spanish technology company founded in 2013 that offers innovative solutions in the field of electronic signatures (eSignatures), certified electronic delivery (eDelivery) and electronic identification (eID).

In these years, Signaturit has reached a portfolio of over 10,000 users in 40 countries, including companies such as EY, Acciona, Gartner, eDreams, Mediapro or the insurance company DAS or AXA, as well as leading companies in the financial, real estate, health, legal or human resources sectors.

In addition, the legal and regulatory compliance of all electronic transactions carried out through Signaturit is guaranteed, as all our services comply with the law regulating trusted services in the EU, the eIDAS Regulation, as well as US laws.

Q: What applications does the esignature API by Signaturit have in the healthcare sector?

A: Signing of admission forms, patient data records, insurance policies, provider contracts, SLAs, confidentiality agreements, informed consent, etc. There are many documents that need to be signed in the health sector.

The esignature API by Signaturit allows health centers and companies in the health sector, such as the Barcelona Clinic and Hospitales Pascual, to improve their digital services by facilitating patients’ experience. In addition, it allows professionals to increase productivity by eliminating manual activities that do not add value.

Q: There are many companies offering electronic signature services. What makes Signaturit different from other similar services?

A: Signaturit’s main added value is the ease of use and legal validity that the solution provides. 

Firstly, the signature process is very fast and intuitive and can be performed from any device, without the need to install applications or access external platforms.

On the other hand, from a legal point of view, we offer more guarantees about the identity of the person, since we capture the electronic evidence necessary to uniquely identify the signatory. This evidence is included in the evidentiary document to know at what time, in what place and from what device it has been signed. 

In addition, we have the biometric data of the trace of the signature made: that is, we capture the speed, acceleration and pressure if the device allows it.

Q: You just published the esignature API by Signaturit in Nubentos. What kind of consumers might be interested in your API?

A: Signaturit is interesting for any centre that wants to simplify the signing of a document in a matter of minutes. For example, Informed Consent, a document in which the patient’s signature is required.

Nowadays, Health Centres accumulate thousands of paper Consents and therefore, their digitalisation and linkage to the Electronic Medical Record is essential nowadays.

The transformation of the informed consent into a digital document provides many advantages, both economic, as well as security and efficiency in management.

Q: As you know, using your API in Nubentos allows your customers to use the free tools of our platform to manage their developments and cost control. How important is it for you to offer these additional features to your customers through Nubentos?

A: Anything that adds value to our solutions helps us to be a reference in the sector and to be a fundamental part of the digital transformation of European companies in the health sector. 

Q: How would you rate your experience when publishing your APIs in Nubentos?

A: Actually, it’s been a very simple process. The synergy between both companies was clear from the beginning, so being able to move forward and coordinate has been agile. 

The entire Nubentos team, both the commercial to establish the business model and the technical team for the correct publication of the API has done an excellent job.

Q: What are your goals for this collaboration?

A: To help companies in the health sector. The digitalization of document management has already become a market requirement and Signaturit also provides the legal security required in the documents of this specific vertical. Any way to facilitate companies’ access to our solutions is always interesting, which is why we consider this collaboration to be of vital importance.

Q: Would you recommend other digital health solution providers to bring their services to Nubentos?

A: Of course. It’s a win-win for both companies for sure. The proficiency of the Nubentos team is checked from the first contact. 

In addition, the main thing in a partnership is trust and in this case our trust with Nubentos is top notch. 

Q: Thank you again Marc for your time and a pleasure to have shared this interesting talk with you.

The esignature API by Signaturit is now available in our API Store, where you will find all the information, resources and tools to test it, integrate it into your Apps, and put it in the hands of your end users, with total control of your development costs.

Thanks for your reading and we will come back soon with new interesting interviews.

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