Nubentos and Edamam, united to bring Nutritional Analysis closer to Digital Health

by | 22 Nov 2021 | 0 comments

Today we announce a new collaboration agreement with a partner specialised in what is known as Nutritional Analysis. We are talking about Edamam, which offers nutrition solutions to companies in the food, health and wellness sectors, taking advantage of its own cloud-based structured semantic data technology platform.

 Its partnership with Nubentos will enable it to help users obtain accurate, high-value nutritional data in real time, thanks to NLP-based Nutritional Analysis of recipes.

 Using the Nubentos API Store, Edamam can bring its technology to healthcare professionals to drive an improvement in the quality of life of their patients, enabling them to advise them on healthier eating habits.

 These types of solutions have important healthcare applications in various clinical pathologies where patients have to take some kind of initiative, such as chronic diseases like diabetes or chronic obesity. With Edamam’s solutions, these patients will be able to have a more precise control of their intake thanks to the nutritional analysis they will obtain.

  Manuel Morales, CEO and CO-Founder of Nubentos, shares his thoughts on the matter: “Edamam has a very powerful solution as demonstrated by its extensive presence in the market. We are happy that they place their trust in Nubentos to reach more customers in the healthcare ecosystem, and to do our bit together to bring better nutritional information to society.”

 Like Edamam, more and more players in the ecosystem rely every day on Nubentos and its catalogue of digital health innovations to bring their Digital Health solutions to the ecosystem. You too can take advantage of the benefits of working with the API Marketplace par excellence: publish your API on Nubentos!

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