Do you develop applications for Health? 6 reasons for signing up in Nubentos

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So you develop applications for Health right? Surely you would like to integrate in your applications that Artificial Intelligence solution that you have seen, or the data from that medical device that allows you to monitor its users. No doubt your applications would be much more powerful, your customers would be more satisfied and you would get more customers.

In this article we are going to give you 6 reasons why you will want to use Nubentos to achieve all this quickly, economically and safely.


The number of advanced software products that exist in the health sector is impressive: Artificial Intelligence with all its variants (machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, etc.), Big Data, telemonitoring by medical devices, the Internet of the Things applied to Health, and a long list that grows every day.

More and more Healthcare Providers, Laboratories, Insurers, etc. are incorporating into their software tools many of these innovative solutions in Digital Health and Connected Health. Even Public Healthcare is starting to take an interest in these innovations.

The same happens with the Apps that we all use in our smartphones and tablets. The Health and Wellbeing category has more than 300,000 Apps, and it keeps on growing every year. And many of those technologies that are transforming Health, have important applications in this type of devices.

With so many options available to improve your applications for Health, why should you be interested in adding Nubentos API Store to your favorites, subscribing to our Newsletter and using our platform to enhance your applications for Health?

We summarize it in 6 reasons.


DISCOVERY nubentos


How many solutions in Digital Health and Connected Health available through APIs do you know? How many would you say there are?

I assure you that whatever the amount you drive, there are many more. Because every day, all over the world, new solutions emerge, new ideas, new ways of offering solutions that until now were offered as a whole and now are being opened to third parties through APIs.

It is very complicated to know all the solutions that you can integrate in your applications for Health. And if it were possible, you would have to manage each case with each provider.

In Nubentos we are collecting all those solutions so that you can find them easily, in one place, and you can compare. Maybe you know a solution for your need, and discover other options that you did not know. They may fit better in your applications for Health, or in your costs.

All solutions in Digital Health and Connected Health in one place, to find what you are looking for and discover more options, that allow you to compare and choose the best option for you.




How much does it cost you to integrate an API for Health into your application? Have you considered all the costs? All the time invested in meetings, calls, developments, doubts, tests, … are direct costs for you. And add the cost of the annual license.

Possibly your case is that of so many software companies that can not afford to integrate certain advances precisely because of their high cost. Your clients are probably small clinics, private consultations, dentists, podiatrists, radiologists, etc.

If all or part of your customers are this type of companies, does it make up for paying those licenses and facing all the costs involved in integrating advanced solutions in your applications for Health? Probably not.

Fortunately, with Nubentos you have the solution to all this.

Because each API published in Nubentos offers different subscription plans, with different prices and consumption tiers, and you can subscribe to different plans for the same API. This way, you can adapt your costs to different types of customers of your applications for Health.

In addition, Nubentos offers a distribution model of APIs for Health based on pay per use.

You will find flat rate subscription plans for consumption levels, with which you will have absolute control of your costs while you stay in the contracted tier.

You will also find pure pay per use subscription plans, in which your costs will adjust automatically and at all times to the real use that your end users make of your applications for Health. This way your costs will fit as a glove to the size of your clients, reflected in the volume of use of your software.




Wouldn’t it be nice if the same platform that allows you to discover the APIs you need and subscribe to price plans that optimize your development costs, would also allow you to test the APIs directly without writing a line of code?

To test the APIs by integrating them in the traditional way, you must develop some test script, or modify your code, or configure some testing tool.

In Nubentos everything is ready to test your APIs in our integrated console. You have all the resources of your APIs ready to test against a Sandbox URL published for you by the API Provider. You can analyze its operation, without the need for additional tools.


ANALYTICS nubentos


For now, with Nubentos you have a Catalog of APIs for Health, an optimal cost model and an integrated test console.

You can subscribe to several price plans of one or several APIs, as you need.

When you master your APIs and fully understand their functioning, your development cycle to integrate them into your applications for Health will be shorter. And you will put the new version in the hands of your customers and end users.

What if I tell you that with Nubentos you also have access to analytics that allow you to monitor the consumption of your APIs?

Thanks to these analytics, you can control if your consumption plans are appropriate for the actual use made by your customers and end users of your applications for Health.

  • Maybe you are incurring penalties for consuming more calls than the contracted ones, and you must change to a higher plan to avoid extra costs.
  • Or maybe it’s the opposite, and you’re interested in using smaller plans while your sales scale.
  • Or you may discover that certain plans are not being used or are being barely used, which can help you identify a problem in your software, or in the use that your users make of it.


SECURITY nubentos


In addition to end-to-end encryption, in Nubentos we provide the OAuth2 protocol so that you manage your tokens under logical groupings of your subscriptions, called applications.

Each application generates its tokens, and all the subscriptions that hang from that application use the same tokens, and for each one you can establish its expiration time. From that time, the token is considered expired and you must renew it with the corresponding invocation, also provided by Nubentos.

In addition, you can set throttling control at the application level (logical grouping of subscriptions). In this way, you can keep under control your level of consumption (and therefore, your costs) before any software failures, or inappropriate uses of your applications for Health.




At this point, you may be thinking that if you integrate these solutions through Nubentos, you lose the support and customer service of the company that provides that solution.

If you’re thinking that, you’re wrong. By subscribing to an API in Nubentos, you become a client of the company that publishes that API. Nubentos is the mediating platform that provides both, provider and consumer of APIs, all the features and facilities that make integration and management easier and more efficient.

The providers of APIs in Nubentos publish in their APIs the contact data that you can use to raise doubts, request help, etc.

And of course, if you have any problems using our platform, you have us by your side.

And you may wonder what guarantee we offer you that our technology is solid and reliable. Well, here I think you can rest easy.

Our core technology is the WSO2 API Manager platform, identified as a leader by the prestigious consultancy Forrester in “The Forrester Wave ™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018”, together with Rogue Wave Software, Google, Software AG and IBM. Ahead of TIBCO, Sensedia, Mulesoft, Microsoft, Red Hat and others.


In this post we have listed 6 reasons why it is very worthwhile to use Nubentos to integrate in your applications for Health the best APIs in Digital Health and Connected Health that will make your clients and end users happy.

For the end we have left an additional information, which also has its importance: access to Nubentos and all these advantages that it offers you, are available for you at no cost.

So do not hesitate, and be sure to subscribe and follow our news very closely. We are in contact with hundreds of companies around the world and I can assure you that the number, variety and quality of solutions that exist and that we will bring to our Marketplace, is really impressive.

And to begin with, you can tell us in the comments of this article what functionality you would like to find in our API Store. Any AI solution? Remote monitoring of patients? IoT ? We will take good note of all your suggestions, and who knows, maybe they will be available sooner than you think.


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