DigimEvo, a digital union between health and communication

by | 16 Apr 2021 | 0 comments

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Our Partners | 0 comments

A few days ago we announced our agreement with Solutia Digital Health. Today, with the same emotion, we want to share that we have reached a new agreement with a recent partner, DigimEvo.

DigimEvo has been transforming medical education for years through the use of POC systems based on artificial intelligence and cognitive analytics. Their systems for the Point of Care to the patient and for the Prescription of Contents are reinventing, as they correctly say, medical communication.

This latest alliance allows us to fulfill the objective that Nubentos has set from the very beginning of its journey: to bring closer and make easier the access to innovation in healthcare technology for both, providers and consumers.

The work that DigimEvo and Nubentos together perform, feed the advancement of Health towards the Digital Era and promote the dissemination of medical content to a greater number of actors in the ecosystem.

Xavier Lleixa, Co-Founder and CTO of DigimEvo, has shared his thoughts on the matter “it is very important for DigimEvo to be present in the Nubentos API Marketplace, since it represents a unique opportunity towards a much more open and accessible healthcare for everyone. Thanks to this agreement we want the empowerment of the patient to be not just a phrase but to become a reality.”

Manuel Morales, CEO of Nubentos, confirms Lleixa’s aspirations. “We are delighted to have DigimEvo in our portfolio of innovations in Digital Health. Its service reinforces the digitization of the prescription process; a digitization that goes beyond the established and innovates with new ways of communicating with the patient, and improving the information and medical education of society”.

This agreement is now part of the long list of those that are yet to come this year and that will keep us in the right direction to be the reference partner for all actors in the health ecosystem.

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