Dicino Medical Technologies, the Digital Symptom Checker reaches Nubentos

by | 15 Sep 2021 | 0 comments

The pandemic has wreaked great havoc in the healthcare sector, overloading systems and making it necessary, more than ever, to support digitalisation in processes related to medical consultations and patient care. In order to meet this growing need, Nubentos closed a new agreement with a provider that has recently arrived in Spain: Dicino Medical Technologies.

What is Dicino Medical Technologies?

Dicino Medical Technologies defines its solution, Dicino, as a combination of multilingual digital anamnesis and symptom checker that automatically writes the medical report in the doctor’s native language. The identification of symptoms of any disease, including COVID-19, is the purpose of this new Nubentos partner. 

“Our company’s solutions are currently being used by more than 90% of doctors in Iceland. “Comments Ricardo Bové, Country Manager Spain at Dicino Medical Technologies, “We recently started our activity in Spain and we think that NUBENTOS is the ideal partner to achieve our objectives not only for Spain, but also at an international level, thanks to the multi-client integration capacity it provides us with.”

From Nubentos, Manuel Morales Lara, CEO and CO-Founder of Nubentos, adds: “We are happy to have Dicino’s solution for Symptom Checker. When practically an entire country like Iceland relies on it, it is certainly a robust and reliable solution. Definitely a great value proposition for Nubentos customers.”

Dicino, coming soon to the API Store

Dicino Medical Technologies and Nubentos are together betting on a deep technological change to achieve a better pre-diagnosis of each patient.

Although the Dicino API is not yet 100% available in our catalogue, you can access the API file and learn more data and relevant information about it. The Nubentos API Store has numerous digital solutions that make the work of professionals in any health field easier and more efficient.

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