Nubentos and CloudAPPi close a strategic partnership to boost together Digital Health

by | 26 Jan 2022 | 0 comments

Today we present you the beginning of a strategic novelty in Nubentos that we are very excited about, because it will really mean a before and after in the adoption of Digital Health. Today we are not introducing a new consumer or a new provider of digital innovations, but a highly important partner for us. We are referring to CloudAPPi, a company that offers 360º API services.

At Nubentos we are always looking to improve our services and advance in the healthcare ecosystem. We live in an environment of constant change in which we need to overcome new challenges, and our providers and clients need all the help they can get from companies that are experts in the integration technology that is leading the digital transformation. 

With the help of CloudAPPi, our new technology partner, at Nubentos we want to give the definitive boost to the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. Thanks to its high specialisation and great experience helping companies from all sectors, we will be able to help more providers and consumers to overcome their own technological barriers, those that prevent them from making the definitive leap, hand in hand with Nubentos, towards the highly efficient and sustainable model that we promote.

This partnership will accelerate the growth of our portfolio and our customers by helping to shorten development times and accelerate the adoption of Digital Health innovations without disrupting their current roadmaps and priorities.

We are delighted to be able to count on a technology partner like CloudAPPi to continue making our way in the healthcare ecosystem, said Manuel Morales, CEO and Co-Founder of Nubentos. “Throughout 2021 we have learned a lot about our customers and we have identified the barriers that still make it difficult for our mission to materialise into tangible results with the efficiency we want. With CloudAPPi we are inaugurating a technology partner strategy that will help us quickly and efficiently complete the value cycle we bring to our customers, in a partnership that is a clear win-win for both companies. We are delighted that CloudAPPi is the first company to participate in this alliance“.

At Nubentos we have always strived to be a complete and secure platform, and the trust our partners place in us is vital. That is why we believe that the most appropriate way to respond to them is through the search and development of the most advanced tools and resources we can offer.

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