CITA.iO, expert in clinic and consultation management, is the new Nubentos partner

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Every step we take at Nubentos is focused on expanding the possibilities of Digital Health in the ecosystem. To simplify complicated processes and improve accessibility to the most modern digital health solutions. For this reason, agreements such as the one we have just closed with CITA.iO, belonging to CIMA HEALTH specialised in the management of consultations and videoconferences, are always necessary and eagerly awaited.

Consultation management by CITA.iO

CITA.iO is a platform formed by healthcare professionals and technology experts, who worked to design and test a software whose function would be to meet the real needs of professionals and patients. The needs of the management of clinical consultation of functionalities such as the agenda, videoconferencing, private exchange of files, collection and access to the clinical history of patients or a secure payment system.

This new partner has found in Nubentos an ally in Digital Health on which to rely to bring its healthcare innovations to the entire ecosystem. With the API Store catalogue, its digital solutions will be available to an audience of thousands of users, healthcare professionals and healthcare centres that will benefit from the integration of its APIs without the need to write code and with an easy and practical PAY per USE system.

CITA.iO and Nubentos, together in Digital Health

 Cita.iO adds quality digital health tools to Nubentos’ catalogue, as Manuel Morales, CEO and Founder of Nubentos, says, “ consultation management and videoconferencing software is present in numerous customers across the ecosystem. Its use cases are also very common to many verticals within the healthcare sector. This versatility is what the APIs that CIMA HEALTH brings to the Nubentos API Store provide, and helps us to continue growing. We are delighted to have this new provider.”


Soon, CITA.iO’s healthcare innovations for practice management will be integrated into the Nubentos API Store catalogue. If you are a creator and developer of healthcare APIs, do not hesitate to contact Nubentos or register on the platform to make use of the best Digital Health tools in the current ecosystem.

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