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When do we invoice you

In Nubentos your billing cycle is marked by the date you create your user account.

At that moment you can choose to contract the user plan on a monthly or annual basis. This will be the periodicity with which you will receive the invoice as long as the only item to be billed is your user account.

However, in Nubentos we monitor monthly the consumption of your active subscriptions to APIs in the catalog. Using as billing day the date of your user registration, when your users start using your integrations we will issue the corresponding monthly invoice including a concept for each subscription with traffic in production.

Thus, if your user account uses the monthly mode, you will not notice any changes in the periodicity of the invoice. You will simply see the consumption items in addition to the item corresponding to your user fee.

If, on the other hand, your user account uses the annual mode, when your end users begin to consume, you will begin to receive monthly invoices with the items corresponding to the consumption registered in your active subscriptions in production. The item corresponding to your user account will only appear on the invoice for the renewal month of your annual account.

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