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What is included in your invoice

Your Nubentos invoice is very simple.

It includes two types of concept:

  1. Fee associated with your user account.

Depending on the access plan that you contract with your user account, this concept will include the corresponding fee and will be applied at the frequency chosen at the time of contracting the plan.

This fee is unique, regardless of the number of APIs you use and the number of integrations you have, or the traffic they generate.

  1. Active subscriptions with consumption in production.

For each active API subscription that generates transactions with production tokens, or in other words, for each integration used by your end users, we will add a monthly item to your invoice where we will apply to the number of transactions made, the rate corresponding to the consumption plan of that active subscription.

Therefore, this concept may appear several times, once for each integration in the hands of your end users that registers consumption in the invoiced period.

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