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Types of API consumption plans

The APIs published in Nubentos offer you a variety of consumption plans so that you can find the pricing model that best suits your needs.

Each consumption plan consists of 3 relevant data:


  • Monthly consumption limit.

It determines the maximum number of monthly transactions, uses or “API requests” that you sign up for when subscribing to the consumption plan. Within this limit, only the corresponding rate will be applied.


  • Rate.

You can find consumption plans that set a small fee for each transaction or “API request”, and consumption plans that set a flat fee for the entire consumption tier.

In the first case, the fee will be applied to the exact number of transactions you consume within the contracted limit. In Nubentos, this type of consumption plan is called “Pay-per-use”.

In the second case, the rate will be applied monthly, invariably, regardless of the actual number of transactions you use within the contracted plan. This type of consumption plan is called “Fixed fee per tier”.


  • Rate for extra consumption or over consumption.

In most of the consumption plans, except in the plans with unlimited consumption, a small fee is also established for each transaction or “API request” registered over the limit of the consumption plan you have subscribed to.

This fee will be applied for each transaction you make over the limit of the plan you are subscribed to in that API.

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