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Test your API on the console

To test an API in the Nubentos API Store you need the following:

  • An active user account subscribed to a user plan
  • An active subscription to the API that you want to test, in one of its consumption levels.
  • An access key and token generated in the application containing the API subscription, for the environment you want to send API calls against

Once the access keys and token have been generated, and always within the validity time of these keys, you can access the Console in the API screen of the development portal.

Online console


You will need to select the Application that contains the API subscription and the environment where you generated the keys for that application.

Automatically the access token will appear in the “Authorization: Bearer” field.

You will then see the method(s) or functionalities that the API publishes and you will be able to interact with them without writing any code. All you need to do is to report the input fields and launch the API call.

Clicking on the function you want to test will display information about its input parameters and possible responses, including examples.

Detail of method parameters and responses


By clicking on the “Try it out” button in the upper right corner of this information area, you will enter the editing mode to enter the parameters and run the test.

Editing input parameters for calling the API




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