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Subscribe to an API

To start using any of the solutions available in the Nubentos API Store, you must have a user account subscribed to a user plan, and subscribe to one of the consumption plans offered by each API.

Once logged in with your user account, click “Use API” on the detail page of the API you want to start using. You will be taken to the API page in the development portal.

API page on the Nubentos development portal


To start using the API, you should pay attention to four elements on the screen:

  • Applications management, in the upper left-hand menu
  • Application Selection
  • Level selection
  • The Subscription button

The subscription to an API must always be done for an Application. In Nubentos the Application concept is an entity that allows you to manage subscriptions and access keys for an API. Your Applications will be available when subscribing to any API in the catalog.

This approach is important, because you can create an Application in Nubentos for each real application you are developing, but abstracting the concept a bit more you will find many possible strategies for managing your access keys, different types of clients for your integrations, and controlling your costs, which are very interesting.

The first step is therefore to create an Application. To do this use the top left menu to access the Application management.

Application Management -> Add Application


You will find at the top the option “Add Application”. By clicking on it, you will be able to enter the data of your new Application.

Add Application


Click on “Add” and you will have created your Application. Now you can select it to subscribe to one of the levels or consumption plans offered by the API.

Select the Application with which to manage the subscription to this API


Once selected, display the list of available consumption levels. Here you will see only the consumption plans allowed by your user account. In the illustration we are using a user account that has the Starter plan active. Therefore, of all the consumption levels offered by this API, only those that reach a maximum of 1,000 monthly uses are shown in this drop-down list.

In order to access higher consumption levels of this API, the user will have to change their user plan to a higher membership level (Basic, Pro or Business).

Select the consumption level for your subscription to this API


Once selected, you can click on the “Subscribe” button.

Subscribe to an API with one click


Immediately, your user will be subscribed to this API, at the selected consumption level. Now you will be able to manage this subscription and its access keys from the selected Application, where you will also be able to have other subscriptions to other APIs.

Your subscription has been successfully completed


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