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How to use the Packs

Exploring the world’s largest catalog of APIs for Healthcare can be a complex task, as it includes solutions with very different applications that cover a wide range of use cases.

In order to make it easier for the Nubentos API Store user to find the APIs that best match his area of interest, the APIs filter by Packs is available.

Nubentos Packs are groupings or catalog views, which filter those APIs related to a specific vertical of the healthcare sector.

Packs selection area

The list of available Packs is constantly evolving. To filter by a particular Pack and quickly access the solutions that relate to that particular vertical, click on the Pack of your interest.

Immediately the catalog display area will show only those APIs included in the selected Pack.

To redisplay the entire catalog, click on “View all” at the top of the Packs list, or on “Clear filters” at the top of the navigation tools area.


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