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How to use the cost calculator

Each API detail page includes a tool to calculate an estimate of the costs that will be generated by the use of that API through Nubentos.

In this article we explain how to use our cost calculator.

Cost calculator


As you know, the Nubentos cost model consists of a membership fee associated with your user account, plus the consumption that your end users make of the APIs integrated through Nubentos.

Remember that once you subscribe to a membership plan, your user account gives you access to the entire catalog, so the membership fee is unique for all the APIs you use.

Once you enter in the input field the number of monthly uses you estimate for the API, and click on the “Calculate” button, the table will display the costs associated with each possible combination of your account membership level, and API consumption plan. Of all the calculated options, the best option will be highlighted.

Results in the cost calculator


By hovering the mouse over each result, the tool displays the breakdown of the calculated amount:

  • Membership fee, corresponding to the user account.
  • Consumption plan, corresponding to the tariff of the API consumption plan, applied to the volume of usage entered.

For example, in the previous illustration, an estimate of usage has been calculated for 3,500 monthly uses.

The calculator indicates that the most economical combination is a user account subscribed to the Basic plan, which implies a one-time fee of €89.95, and the subscription to this API in its “i4midsize” plan, which applies a flat rate of €400 per month for consumption up to 10,000 monthly uses. The estimated total is €485.95.

User plans below the Basic plan do not show results, because they limit the available consumption plans for all APIs to 1,000 uses per month. When entering a value of 3,500 uses, the first user plan that enables the best cost is the Basic plan.

With the account active on this user plan, and for the volume of usage entered, the most economical API subscription comes out using the “i4midsize” consumption plan. All other possible combinations are more expensive.



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