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Find your APIs in the API Store

Nubentos provides you with a series of 100% intuitive tools to help you quickly find the solutions you are interested in, within a constantly growing catalog.

The tools area located on the left side of the API Store screen incorporates a series of utilities that make it easier to navigate through the APIs catalog:


  • Search engine
    • As you type a text, the API Store will show you the solutions that contain that text in the API name, its description, its provider, or its tags.
    • You can read more information about how to use the API Store search engine in this article.
  • Packs
    • Nubentos Packs allow you to visualize the API Store from a vertical perspective, applying a preconfigured filter of those solutions that have use cases in that particular business case.
    • You can learn how to use Nubentos Packs in this article.
  • Status
    • In Nubentos the solutions in the catalog are in different stages and in constant evolution, and we make it easy for you to filter the solutions according to their publication phase.
    • You can read more about this utility in this article.
  • Pricing model
    • The solutions published in the API Store are offered to the ecosystem in three possible commercial modes: Free, Freemium or Commercial. This utility allows you to filter the catalog by these values.
    • In the following articles we explain how to:
  • Certifications
    • The regulatory framework is very strict when it comes to Healthcare software, and that’s why we incorporate information about it in every solution that joins the API Store. With this filter you can quickly locate solutions that comply with certain regulations.
    • You can find more information in this article.





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