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Example of our cost model

In this article we will detail a complete example of our cost model, which includes a fee associated with your user account, and the variable consumption of the integrations made with the APIs of our catalog once put into production.

We are going to use two APIs for this purpose, with the idea of providing an example that is both complete and simple:

  • CardioAPI, for cardiovascular risk index calculation
  • SugginAI, to predict the glucose curve of a diabetic patient.

From the Nubentos API Store, accessing each of these APIs, under the API information we find information about all the consumption plans they offer.

The consumption plans or levels are shown in our cost estimation tool, in a table that indicates which consumption plans you will be able to use depending on the user plan where you have your user account:

Consumer plans offered by CardioAPI

vs Nubentos user plans


For a Starter account, the consumption plans that you can contract for the CardioAPI API are:

  • Freemium, which offers up to 50 transactions per month free of charge, applying a 0.05 € fee to each transaction over 50 per month.
  • Basic, which offers up to 1,000 monthly uses with a usage fee of 0.005 € (half a cent), and applying to each transaction above 1,000 monthly uses an over-consumption fee of 0.05 € per use.

All other consumption plans will not be available for a Starter account, as indicated in the Starter user plan column.

Regarding the SugginAI API, the following screenshot shows the consumption plans offered by this API in our cost estimation tool, available on the API detail page.

Consumer plans offered by SugginAI

vs Nubentos user plans


For a Starter account, you can choose only the Trial consumption plan, which offers 50 monthly uses free of charge, applying a fee of 0.05 € for each transaction exceeding 50 monthly uses.

With this tool, available on the page of each API, it is very easy to test and estimate the costs for different consumption scenarios of the APIs that are of interest to the user.

What you should not lose sight of is that the SaaS fee for the contracted user plan applies only once, regardless of the number of APIs you integrate in your projects.

Let’s look at a concrete scenario.

Suppose we want to estimate the costs for 700 monthly uses of CardioAPI:

Estimated costs for 700 monthly uses of CardioAPI


The tool shows the best combination of user plan (Starter) and consumption plan (Basic), with a total amount of 43.45 €. Hovering the mouse over this amount shows its breakdown:

  • 39,95 € for the Starter user plan fee
  • 3.50 for the consumption of this API under the Basic plan, resulting from multiplying 0.005 € by 700 uses.

Suppose we also want to estimate a SugginAI usage scenario of 400 uses per month:

Cost estimate for 400 monthly uses of SugginAI

In this case, the most economical combination is the Starter user plan and the Trial consumption plan, for an amount of 57.45 €, broken down as follows:

  • 39,95 € monthly fee for Starter user account
  • 17.50 for the consumption of this API under the Trial consumption plan:
    • 50 uses are free
    • we apply the rate of 0.05 € to the 350 uses that exceed the free portion of this plan


How do these scenarios translate to billing with a Starter account? 

Very simple. Below we detail the evolution of your invoice over time, according to the different milestones:

    1. When the Starter account is created, and after the 15-day trial period has elapsed, a single monthly invoice is issued:
      1. Monthly fee Starter plan: 39,95 €.
  • Total invoice: 39,95 €.
    1. When the CardioAPI integration reaches the end users, and the estimated scenario of 700 monthly uses is reached, for example, the invoice will include two concepts:
      1. Monthly fee Starter plan: 39,95 €.
      2. CardioAPI Basic plan, unit rate 0.005 €, units 700, amount 3.50 €.
  • Total invoice 43,45 €.
    1. When SugginAI integration reaches end users and the estimated 400 monthly usage scenario is reached, billing will include all three expense items:
      1. Monthly fee Starter plan: 39,95 €.
      2. CardioAPI Basic plan, unit rate 0.005 €, units 700, amount 3.50 €.
      3. SugginAI Trial plan:
        1. unit price 0,00 €, units 50, amount 0,00 €.
        2. unit price 0,05 €, units 350, amount 17,50 €.
  • Total invoice 60,95 €.

Finally, remember that in this example the cost per consumption is variable, since both cases chosen offer a model based on pay-per-use. In other APIs the provider may offer models based on a fixed fee per tranche, which would imply a fixed cost over time for each API, unless the limit established in the contracted tranche is exceeded and a possible over-consumption fee is applied.

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